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Chouhi Gundam is a protagonist, appearing in SD Gundam Sangokuden


A Musha Gundam from the country of Mirisha. Talented with a blade, he left his small home of Butsudo village to hone his skills in the wider world. During his departure, his village fell victim to the Chou Brothers and was devastated. Returning to care for the many orphans left following this tragedy, Chouhi abandoned his dream and dedicated himself to caring for the orphans.

It was during this period that he encountered Ryubi Gundam who was passing through the village. Much like Chouhi had once done, Ryubi was also out traveling the country. Ryubi gave Chouhi a large rice ball. After thanking him, Chouhi ran off and shared the item of food amongst the war orphans despite his own hunger. Lady Kou, the orphans main guardian, informed Ryubi of Chouhi's tragic past.

Later, as Chouhi meditated in the rain, Ryubi joined him and gave him another large rice ball. Chouhi split the ball in half and shared it with Ryubi, marking the start of their friendship.

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