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China Kousaka (コウサカ・チナ?) is a character from Gundam Build Fighters.

Skills & Abilities

Aside from Sei, China's primary interest was in art, specifically painting. Her skill was good enough to win a number of competitions, and translated well to painting gunpla too. Aside from her hobbies, she also helps in her family restaurant, but has trouble expressing insincere emotions, even those as simple as a courtesy smile.

China is shown to be quite good in handling Gunpla in battle, with minimal training from Sei and Reiji. She was able to win 2nd place in a local all girls gunpla battle tournament, she was also a part of the attack force on space fortress A Baoa Qu, showing good control as she was able to take down several Mocks.


A 7th-grader in Seiho Academy's art program, and a class rep. Her family runs the Kousaka Restaurant. Seeing Sei Iori's enthusiasm for Gunpla building, she takes up the hobby herself in her own thoughtful, reserved style. She also holds feelings for Sei.

Despite being a beginner in Gunpla building, she is shown to be quite skillful as she managed to modify the more utilitarian face of Beargguy into a more expressive face and added a new striker pack hardpoint into the unit's back. Later, she helps Aila Jyrkiäinen when the latter is building the AC-01 Miss Sazabi.

She is later seen in the attack force to space fortress A Baoa Qu, piloting her KUMA-03 Beargguy III, she along with Sei, Reiji, and Aila went in the fortress to destroy the giant Arista. She later saved Sei from the massive particle cannon by pushing him away from the area of effect.

She is later seen in the epilogue, "six years later", in France traveling the world along with Sei to promote Gunpla.

After the second round of the 14th Under-19 National Championships, she briefly returns to Japan to give Yuuma a case of replacement parts for the BG-011B Build Burning Gundam that was prepared by Sei.



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