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Chief Haro (ハロ長官) is a character in Superior Defender Gundam Force.


In Superior Defender Gundam Force, "Chief Haro" is the leader of the SDG, who is wearing a Haro helmet to mask his real identity. Though he cannot "fly" like his toy counterpart, his "wings" do flip up his cap every-so-often.


It is speculated among fans of the series, and hinted at strongly in the series, that Chief Haro is in fact Mark, Shute's father. Since the two are never seen in the same place or one vanishes at the time the other appears. Chief Haro and Mark also share the same voice actors in both the English and Japanese versions. It has not been confirmed however that they are the same person. Chief Haro has been seen wearing the same bracelet as Mark. Also, his daughter Nana said da-da to chief Haro.

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