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Chico Rodriguez (ロドリゲス チコ?) is a fictional character from the Mobile Fighter G Gundam series.


The representative of Neo Mexico for the 13th Gundam Fight, Chico accepted the role so his sister, Gina Rodriguez, who was terminally ill, could go to Earth with him. However, should Chico be disqualified from the Gundam Fight, he would be forced to return to the Neo Mexico space colony. Seeking to avoid this fate, Chico took the Tequila Gundam and fled, declaring never to fight in the Gundam again, much to the frustration of the Neo Mexican government, who declared him a traitor. To lure him out, the Neo Mexican government tricked Neo America's Chibodee Crocket by falsely claiming Chico had killed Neo Japan's Domon Kasshu. This deception is soon discovered however after Domon appears and later challenges Chico to a Gundam fight. While Chibodee fights the Neo Mexican mobile suits, Domon defeats Chico and destroys the Tequila Gundam with the Shining Finger, making it appear as if Chico had died in the resulting explosion. The Neo Mexican authorities thus believe Chico died in battle, and report his death as a honorable one. With the Neo Mexican government believing Chico to be dead, he is able to fulfill Gina's wish to stay on the Earth until she passes away.


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