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Chandra Sijiema (チャンドラ・シジーマ?) is a fictional character from the Mobile Fighter G Gundam anime series.


Chandra Sijiema is a Gundam Fighter representing Neo India in the 13th Gundam Fight.

He successfully fought Carlos Andalusia and his GF13-045NSP Matador Gundam in the first round and was chosen for the first match of the Finals against Domon Kasshu, in part because he was perceived as a difficult opponent to beat.

He chose to stalk and attack Domon without the Gundams before the fight was announced and almost killed Domon, but had to retreat before being caught in the deed.

Despite losing to Domon, Chandra would qualify for the Battle Royale. However, he would be killed by the DG-cell infected Marcelot Cronos and his GF13-002NGR Zeus Gundam.


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