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Chō Denei-ban SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors (超電影版SDガンダム三国伝 BraveBattleWarriors) is a special movie episode that aired after the fifth Sgt. Frog (Keroro Gunsō) film, Chō Gekijō-ban Keroro Gunsō Tanjō! Kyūkyoku Keroro Kiseki no Jikūjima de Arimasu!!(超劇場版ケロロ軍曹 誕生!究極ケロロ 奇跡の時空島であります!!).The story is set chronologically during episode 4 of the SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors anime series, after Toutaku has Reitei assassinated, and before Sousou tries to assassinate Toutak.


The story begins with the 3 sworn brothers being chased by some Toutaku troops. Forced to a cliff, the 3 engaged the troops, easily overpowering them with their finishing techniques. Just then, on a bridge at the cliff, Koshin Gyan taunts the 3, with Chouhi falling into Koshin's trap. Koshin leaps out of the way, and destroys the bridge, causing the 3 sworn brothers to fall into the river below. Back at Rakuyou, Koshin reports back to Toutaku on his victory, but Toutaku is infuriated that Koshin failed to obtain the Ryuuteiken from Ryuubi. Koshin stakes his life and his title of Chinkou Shougun (鎮江将軍) to steal the Ryuuteiken.

Ryuubi wakes up from the incident, after he dreamt of a dragon spirit in the river swallowing him. The 3 sworn brothers were saved by Bachou Blue Destiny, who found them washed up by the river. Ryuubi thanks Bachou, just as a villager bears news of an invasion. Ryuubi suspects it's more of Toutaku's troops, and the 3 rushes off to intercept them but Ryuubi notices he has lost the Ryuuteiken. Bachou tries to stop Ryuubi, but Ryuubi insists that he will help shape Mirisha's future with his own hands, even without the Ryuuteiken. The Toutaku troops are led by Koshin, and is pleased to see the 3 sworn brothers. The troops are again overpowered, but Koshin overpowers the 3 with another finishing technique.

Bachou just cannot stand by and watch, and rushes back to the river to find the Ryuuteiken. He dives near the foot of a waterfall that's known to contain a dragon spirit. He soon encounters the spirit, to which it asks what is Bachou's purpose. Back at the duel, Ryuubi stands up against Koshin, and in unison with Bachou, proclaims to help Mirisha. The Ryuuteiken appears before Ryuubi's feet; Bachou found it thanks to the dragon spirit. Bachou and the village children cheers the 3 sworn brothers on (Bachou even asks the viewers to join in the cheering), and soon, Kan-u and Chouhi stands up again, and the 3 performs the Holy Trinity. Koshin is then destroyed. On a cliff, Ryofu, atop Sekitoba, comments on how he's have fun with the successor of the Ryuuteiken.


  • Guan Yu (Kan U) Gundam
  • Zhang Fei (Chō Hi) Gundam
  • Liu Bei (Ryū Bi) Gundam
  • Dong Zhuo (Tō Taku) Zaku
  • Lu Bu (Ryo Fu) Tallgeese
  • Ma Chao (Ba Chō) Blue Destiny
  • Hu Zhen (Ko Shin) Gyan


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