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Cerulean (セルリアン) is the first opening theme of Gundam Build Fighters Try. The song is available in the single, セルリアン / Silent Trigger and was sung by the Japanese rock band, BACK-ON. Limited edition comes with HG 1/144 Gouf R35 transparent version.

Track Listing

CD Edition

  1. セルリアン
  2. Silent Trigger
  3. セルリアン〜instrumental〜
  4. Silent Trigger〜instrumental〜


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No. Songs Duration Audio
01 Cerulean 04:01


Genkai nante nai zettai nante nai

Genkai nante nai tte kimi no kotoba ni akogarete

Kono te o nobashitan da

Zenkai dashite naite waratte

Mada kumori you no nai sora no shita

Fumidasu no saa ano basho e
Hajimari nante onaji de

Atsukunatta naifu ga bokura no mune o tsurunuita

Ame no reesu no ue hashiritsudzukete

Kizutsuite ushinattemo mada wasurerarenai kara
The skies are gray,

But we’re still showing off our faith

Mou ki ni wa naranaide blame to pain

Aa, tsukamitoru no sa eikou

Sono haato ni flame on
Zettai nai tte kotoba ni sakaratte chikatta

Yume e to kono te o nobashiterun da

Seikai nante mou nakutatte

Kotae wa bokura no mune no naka ni aru

Futtou shite moete tsukamun da
Genkai nante nai









The skies are gray,

But we’re still showing off our faith



そのハートにflame on





There’s no such thing as limits; there’s no such thing as absolutes

“There’s no such thing as limits.” Your words became my inspiration,

And I reached out my hand towards you
I went all out and cried and laughed

I’ll step forward towards that place

Beneath a clear sky without a cloud in sight
The beginning is always the same–

A hot knife pierces our hearts

We keep running our race through the rain,

And even if we get hurt or lose someone, we still can’t forget
The skies are grey,

But we’re still showing off our faith

We don’t care anymore about blame or pain

Ah, we’re gonna seize that glory

And put a flame on in our hearts
I swore I’d defy the words, “You’ll never make it,”

And I’m reaching out my hand towards my dreams

Although there are no right answers anymore,

We hold the solution in our hearts

Just boil over and get fired up and grab it
There’s no such thing as limits


BACK-ON 「セルリアン」Music Video & Live Movie

BACK-ON 「セルリアン」Music Video & Live Movie

Notes & Trivia

  • The second time TEEDA raps in the song:
When I was just a kid, Everybody called me a "wimp"
Yume ga hito wo tsuyoku suru You know what I mean?
Tsuyosa wakeau like NIBUN NO ICHI
Makes reference to wimp and Nibun no Ichi, the second and first openings to Gundam Build Fighters respectively which are both performed by Back-On.

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