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This article lists and describes the missions taken on by the Celestial Being in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Seasons One and Two.

Mission 1

This is a two-way semi-simultaneous mission, taken place on the 10th anniversary of the Human Reform League's activation of their orbital elevator.

  • Phase 1 - GN-001 Gundam Exia was sent to Africa where the Advanced European Union showcased their newest mobile suit, the AEU Enact. Exia was responsible for speedily dispatching the Enact, warning the AEU against engaging in an arms race.
  • Phase 2 - Exia lured out hidden reserves of AEU's mobile suits in their orbital elevator, then together with Gundam Dynames took down the pursuing AEU Hellions.
  • Phase 3 - GN-003 Gundam Kyrios and GN-005 Gundam Virtue stopped a terrorist suicide attack against the Human Reform League's orbital elevator station.

Aftermath & Impact: Celestial Being announced their presence and intention to the world, demonstrating they have vastly superior technology. The Union and Human Reform League begins pressuring the AEU to disclose information on their military deployment.

Mission 2

Gundams Exia, Dynames, Kyrios, and Virtue are sent to the old Sri Lanka to intervene between the three-century-old dispute between the Sinhalese and the Tamils (the Tamils being supported by the Human Reform League).

  • Exia and Dynames directly attacked the mobile suits of both factions engaged in battle.
  • Kyrios bombarded the Human Reform League's base camp.
  • Virtue sunk a large cruiser.

Aftermath & Impact: The three major powers learned of the Gundam's ability for atmospheric re-entry. Graham Aker of the Union's MSWAD engaged Exia in a Flag and obtained some rudimentary benchmark data on Exia's performance, which leads to his transfer to the Union's "Gundam Investigation Team". Human Reform League confirm that Celestial Being developed their weaponry independently.

Mission 3

This is a three-way simultaneous mission by the Gundams Exia, Dynames, and Kyrios. Gundam Virtue was sent back to space to provide the Ptolemaios with energy.

  • Gundam Dynames was sent to South Africa to stop a conflict between miners over mining rights. Most of the miners dropped their weapons and ran off.
  • Gundam Kyrios was sent to Taribia, South America, to burn up the drug fields that was the source of many conflicts.
  • Gundam Exia was sent back to the Sri Lanka island to battle against another Human Reform League base.

Aftermath & Impact: Northern Ireland terrorist organization "Real IRA" announced they will cease all terrorist activities, effectively signifying the end of all conflicts in the region, and messing up the essay assignment of some high school students. The Human Reform League military form their Counter-Gundam Division.

Mission 4

This is a mission taken by Gundams Dynames, Kyrios, and Exia to interfere with the escalating armed tension between Taribia and the Union over Taribia's declaration of independence. Taribia hoped to manipulate Celestial Being into attacking the Union fleet being sent to their country but the Gundams had determined that the Taribians were causing the conflict, thus intervening as they saw fit, leaving the Union fleet intact.

  • The three Gundams each went to one of the major cities of Taribia, attacked the Taribia forces, then retreated.

Aftermath & Impact: Taribia requested Union assistance to fight off the Celestial Being forces, though the Gundams retreated shortly. Anti-American/Union sentiments in Taribia subsided. The ability of Gundam Exia to operate underwater became known to Union's Gundam Investigation Team.

Mission 5

This is a solo mission assigned to Allelujah Haptism to monitor the performance testing of the Human Reform League's new mobile suit MSJ-06II-SP Tieren Taozi, and depending on the results, destroy the mobile suit.

  • This mission was aborted without authorization by Allelujah, when the Tieren Taozi pilot went berserk attacking the low orbit stations, resulting in a section breaking away and being pulled into Earth's gravity.

Mission 5.1

This is a mission taken by Gundam Exia and Dynames to save Gundam Kyrios which was stuck trying to rescue 232 civilians trapped in a breakaway section on HRL's Low orbit station being pulled by Earth's gravity.

  • This emergency mission was prompted by Allelujah Haptism's rogue actions. Allelujah happened to be on station in preparation for the official Mission 5. When the accident occurred, Sergei Smirnov's Tieran attempted to raise the orbital altitude of the break-away section, to no avail. At 200 seconds left before the block fell, Allelujah piloted Kyrios and arrived to help push the section back along with the Tieren, but the best their Mobile Suits could do was hold it even.
  • At T minus 20 seconds, Kyrios orders all those on board to gather at the center block (of the three blocks of the break-away section). By then, Sumeragi has authorized the emergency mission. Gundam Exia cleared the cloud blocking Dynames' view, allowing Dynames to break the two empty blocks thus allowing the Kyrios to push the occupied center block to safety.

Aftermath & Impact: The original given mission for the meister was abandoned; Dynames' ability to snipe to high attitude from the ground with great precision become known to the world; 232 civilians were rescued. Discontent of change of mission from Agent Wang Liu-Mei and Gundam Meister Tieria Erde was noted. Gundam Meister Allelujah was placed in an isolation cell for over a week.

Mission 6

A joint operation taken by all 4 Gundams to intervene in the joint military exercise "Operation Dawn" by the AEU and the Republic of Moralia. Each Gundam was given specific instructions of when and what they should engage; however Setsuna noted a custom Enact that mirrored the moves of Ali al-Saachez and signaled him to confirm the pilot's identity, potentially compromising his own. The battle ended only a few hours after a state of emergency was declared.

Aftermath & Impact: An unknown terrorist organization initiated a simultaneous bombing at seven major cities across the globe, and warned that they will continue until Celestial Being gives up their armed interventions.

Mission 7

To quell the terrorist attacks, Celestial Being sends out their intelligence agents to find out more about these cells. The Gundam Meisters were each sent to different parts of the world so as to more quickly respond once they know the terrorists' location(s). Lockon is stationed in South America, Allelujah is stationed in a desert region of the Human Reform League, Tieria is stationed in a mountain region of Australia, and Setsuna is stationed in a mountain region of Scotland.

  • Setsuna was sent to Scotland to apprehend the terrorist behind a recent bombing. He lost the terrorist and nearly got caught by the police had Marina Ismail not rescued him. But the terrorist was captured by other nations's intelligence agency, and his association to La Edenra was later purposely leaked so that Celestial Being could destroy the terrorist group.
  • To destroy La Edenra, Setsuna was sent to destroy a ship at an unspecified occean while the others destroyed bases elsewhere.

Aftermath & Impact: Setsuna had revealed to Marina that he was a Meister but she didn't believe him.

Mission 8

This mission was conducted by Gundam Exia and Dynames it was a mission of peace to quell an uprising in Azadistan due to an important political figure being kidnapped. Setsuna investigates in Azadistan's Capital city to gather information on this religious leader whose name was Rasa Massoud Rachmadi. He kept peace in the area and looked towards more non-violent actions than more brutal "Holy Wars". Soon after Setsuna would learn Marina Ismail was the queen of the city a surprise to Setsuna and learned Marina wanted Solar Antennas planted in the middle of her Country so her people could look away from fuels and go with solar power. This would eventually end up in "Holy Warriors" declaring themselves "God's Halberd" attacking these facilities and Gundams Dynames and Exia intervening and destroying each of the warriors mobile suits while succeeding in saving Marina they failed to save the outposts. Ali al-Saachez would be seen as responsible in capturing Rasa. Hong Long would help Lockon Stratos save Massoud Rachmadi and Exia would bring the leader back to Azadistan Capital quelling the civilian unrest.

Aftermath & Impact: Celestial Being shows the world that their organization can help others, and Ali confirms for himself that his former protege is a Gundam Meister.

Mission 9

The three superpowers collaborate with each other by pitting their forces in a military exercise in the Taklamakan Desert. Though it is no doubt that this is a trap for the Gundams, Celestial Being dispatches the Meisters to intervene. But one by one, the Gundams were captured until the appearance of the Team Trinity, which decimated the entire force.

Aftermath & Impact: Celestial Being is rescued by Team Trinity, which prompts a meeting between the two groups. Team Trinity did not reveal any information on their origins or their mission, only that they would be temporarily be replacing the Ptolemy group in armed interventions. As Team Trinity attacked numerous bases and caused civilian casualties, the Ptolemy group temporarily suspended operations.

Mission 10

When the Thrones attack numerous military bases, civilian locations and massacre countless people, the Meisters determined that the Thrones are not them. Setsuna then attacks them, assisted by Lockon and Tieria. Virtue then turns into Nadleeh, unleashing his Trial System to deactivate the Thrones for attack. But it was turned off from a remote location and the opposing Gundams were left at a standoff. Johann Trinity revealed to the others about Lockon's real name and Setsuna's involvement in KPSA.

Aftermath & Impact:

  • The Halevy Family is massacred in Spain during a wedding celebration by a jealous Nena Trinity. Louise Halevy was the only survivor of the incident, but had to have her left hand amputated.

Mission 11

With the three superpowers receiving the GN-X, the Union and AEU forces go after the Ptolemaios in space while the HRL's Choubu Special Forces Team takes on Team Trinity. The HRL GN-X forces debut at the Guangzhou base and soundly force Team Trinity to retreat in minutes without any loss of life. The AEU and Union forces attack the Ptolemaios in space with 19 GN-X units. With the world's best pilots at the controls of pseudo-Gundams, CB stays on the defensive until the Gundams' access to Veda is lost and they shut down in mid combat. The Stand Alone OS is implemented in the nick of time to Exia, Dynames, and Kyrios, but Virtue remained immobile due to Tieria's interface with Veda. CB retakes the offensive with the help of Lasse Aeon in the GN Arms Type E and forces the AEU and Union troops to fall back.

Aftermath & Impact:

  • The three superpowers officially unite under the aegis of the United Nations and as the United Nations Forces they announce an operation to take down Celestial Being called Operation Fallen Angels.
  • With CB on the verge of defeat, Setsuna resolves to go down to Earth and discover the distortion in the world.
  • Lockon Stratos is injured in combat defending Tieria Erde.
  • Graham Aker refuses to pilot his GN-X unit, instead commissioning Union MS developer Billy Katagiri to attach the pseudo GN Drive to his Flag.

Mission 11.1

Due to the fact that the Trinitys were on the run from the UN Army's GN-X forces, Setsuna resolved to go down to Earth in the combat container to rescue them. But when he arrived, Ali al-Saachez had stolen Zwei, destroyed Eins and was prepared to destroy Drei had not Setsuna intervened. But even in a Gundam, he was no match for Saachez's tactics and Zwei's movements. He was disarmed of his swords, leaving only beam blades. Just as Saachez was about to finish him off, the Trans Am system activated, when Alejandro Corner shot Aeolia Schenberg's body. Using this enhanced performance ability, Setsuna soundly defeated Saachez, forcing him to retreat.

Aftermath & Impact

  • Team Trinity loses badly to the HRL's Chobu Special Forces Squadron and are forced to hide out in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • With the help of Ribbons Almark, UN diplomat Alejandro Corner takes control of Veda and kills Aeolia Schenberg. Linear Train Industries president Laguna Harvey is murdered by Ali al-Saachez.
  • Michael Trinity and Johann Trinity are KIA by Ali al-Saachez: GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei is taken by al-Saachez and captured by the United Nations Forces
  • The Trans-Am System is revealed to Celestial Being, granting them the full power of the GN Drive.

Mission 12

With Team Trinity eliminated, the United Nations Forces set their sights on Celestial Being, The Ptolemaios resupplies at Lagrange 1 when the UN Forces attack the L-point satellite. GN-005 Gundam Virtue is given the task of eliminating the AEU and Union forces while GN-003 Gundam Kyrios is tasked with holding of the HRL forces. Both suits activate their respecitve Trans-Am Systems and force the UN Forces to retreat. Union forces attacking Virtue are destroyed when Lockon Stratos with the GNR-001D GN Arms Type-D intercepts them. Lockon destroys 2 Virginia-class transports using Trans-Am (SE only) when Ali al-Saachez piloting the Throne Zwei intercepts and duels him in close combat. Despite having only one good eye Lockon manages to hold his ground against the mercenary until Master Sgt. Daryl Dodge kamikazes into Dynames, giving al-Saachez the opening to attack. Dynames is critically damaged and forces Lockon to use a damaged cannon from the GN Arms. Lockon and Ali fire at each other, critically damaging Throne Zwei and severely injuring al-Saachez. Lockon floats in space and the force of the exploding GN Cannon causes Lockon's helmet to shatter, killing him.

Aftermath & Impact

  • The United Nations loses 14 GN-X units and the Gundam Throne Zwei, while Celestial Being's GN-002 Gundam Dynames is incapacitated and the GN Arms Type-D destroyed. Gundam Meister Lockon Stratos and Master Sergeant Daryl Dodge are KIA; Ali al-Saachez was listed as MIA, but is later found alive but with severe burns.
  • Setsuna F. Seiei arrives at the battle, too late to save Lockon and is momentarily chastised by an emotional Tieria Erde.

Mission 12.1

The UN Forces led by Kati Mannequin and Sergei Smirnov receive backup in the form of 10 more GN-X units and the massive mobile armor GNMA-XCVII Alvatore, personally piloted by UN diplomat Alejandro Corner. In the last attack, both Kyrios and Virtue were damaged to the point where Kyrios could no longer transform and Virtue would be forced to launch as Nadleeh. During some down time, Ptolemaios' bridge crew reveal some of their past stories and Tieria tells Sumeragi that the Meisters want to fight one last time to prove to the world that their mission can't be halted. The arrival of the Alvatore shocks CB as the former fires a large partcle beam that damages the ship. Kyrios and Nadleeh launch to defend the hiding Ptolemaios while Setsuna and Lasse use the Assault Container to intercept the Alvatore. Both Kyrios and Nadleeh are severely damaged by the Alvatore's attacks, and Nadleeh is critically damaged after dueling AEU ace Patrick Colasour, whose GN-X is partially destroyed. Allelujah continues fighting with the HRL's Soma Peries and Sergei Smirnov despite massive damage incurred. Allelujah and Hallelujah combine their strengths to fight their battle and outduel Peries and Smirnov until the latter sacrifices his GN-X so Soma can attack Kyrios.

Aftermath & Impact

  • United Nations victorious, Celestial Being defeated. Earth Sphere Federation created.
  • Gundam Kyrios captured, Gundam Nadleeh fully damaged; both GN Drives ejected.
  • Alejandro Corner KIA, Allelujah Haptism captured, Setsuna F. Seiei and Gundam Exia MIA, Tieria Erde recovered by CB.

Mission 13

Four years after Operation Fallen Angels, peace had prospered on Earth with new colonies, such as Proud. Unfortunately, the new Earth Sphere Federation has an independent peacekeeping force known as the A-Laws, who oppress other nations to join the Federation. An anti-government force called Katharon has risen to topple the current government. However, anyone suspected of affiliation with Katharon are forced to work under high gravity on colonies like Proud. A Katharon force moves to rescue them, but an A-Laws force stops them and unleashes the new Automatons on the colony. Setsuna used a battle-damaged Exia to eliminate the automatons, allowing Katharon to rescue the prisoners. But Exia proved no match for the Ahead mobile suit, which shattered its sword. Luckily, Exia/Setsuna was saved by GN-008 Seravee Gundam, whose new armaments were able to defeat a GN-X III.

Mission 13

Setsuna goes down to Earth to recruit Lyle Dylandy to be the new Lockon Stratos as well as retrieve Sumeragi, revealing her position as the tactical forecaster of Celestial Being. En route back to the Ptolemaios, Liu Mei purposefully informs Ribbons Almark, leader of the Innovators, the ship's location, which was leaked to the A-Laws. Seravee held the line while Setsuna got to the new 00 Gundam. He successfully uses the Trans Am to stabilize 00's particle levels and defeats two A-Law mobile suits.

Mission 14

The crew of the Ptolemaios 2 planned to rescue Allelujah Haptism, who willfully surrendered himself to the UN forces four years ago, hoping to rot for the sins he committed against fellow supersoldiers. Sumeragi comes up with a plan to successfully pull off the mission. The Ptolemaios made an atmospheric drop onto Earth near the position of the prison where Allelujah was being held, expanding its GN Field so its could dive underwater, protecting it from the particle weapons of the nearby airship at the same time, causing a tsunami to cause confusion around the prison. Setsuna goes into the prison to free his comrade while Tieria/Seravee defended 00. At the same time, Katharon forces free other prisoners. Allelujah gets on his new Gundam GN-007 Arios Gundam and Celestial Being leaves the battle.

Mission 15

After a brutal massacre at a Katharon base, Celestial Being distracted the A-Laws while the survivors evacuate. During the battle, Setsuna used Trans Am on 00 but after a short time the drives exploded; Allelujah tries to reach out to Soma Peries, who he remembers as Marie Parfacy. She instead attacks him, damaging Arios, but he grabs her suit, pulling them down to the ground. Sumeragi, who was unconscious after a flashback, wakes up and tells the crew to use smokescreen missiles to help cover their escape.

Mission 15.1

With Allelujah missing, Lockon and Tieria went out in search of him. The former found their comrade, thanks to Sergei Smirnov, who decided to leave the two super soldiers alone.

Mission 16

Shaken by his encounter with Regene Regetta about the full of Aeolia's plan, Tieria volunteered to go to an A-Laws party reported by Wang Lui Mei with Setsuna. Courtesy of Sumeragi, Tieria was given a female appearance to hide his identity as a Gundam Meister. Setsuna was given the task of being Tieria's escort to the ball. While Tieria infiltrated the ball, she noted the A-Laws leader Homer Katagiri. Suddenly, she was swept up by Ribbons Almark who telepathically communicated with Tieria through quantum brainwaves. He told Tieria that he had taken over Veda and later the duo left the ballroom for a Victorian room. During the exchange between Ribbons and Tieria, it was revealed that he had forced Veda to shut down on Tieria during a battle with Team Trinity and instructed Laguna Harvey to distribute the 30 GN-X units to the UN. During this time Setsuna was approached by Louise Halevy, who inquired about her boyfriend Saji Crossroad (unbeknownst to her was with Celestial Being). Suddenly, Louise began to have a panic attack and a bystander, Billy Katagiri, recognized Setsuna as a CB member and called for security. Tieria attempted to assassinate Ribbons but was stopped by Hilling Care. Setsuna and Tieria were forced to retreat to their Gundams.

Mission 16.1

While Setsuna/00 and Tieria/Seravee were retreating from the A-Laws banquet, they were intercepted by Ali al-Saachez in the GNW-20000 Arche Gundam. Ali/Arche managed to best both pilots, even though his MS was designed for close combat. He soon retreated after Lyle/Cherudim and Allelujah/Arios intervened.

Mission 17

Estimating that the enemy will surround them in 12 hours, Sumeragi devised a plan to get to space through use of Trans Am. She used three of the Gundams that were Trans Am capable to boost Ptolemy 2's speed, using explosions from Trilobite missiles as an initial boost. Ascending into the sky, Ptolemy shot down any mobile suits attempting to shoot it down. However, as it made for the stratosphere, the GNZ-003 Gadessa used its GN Mega Launcher to push Ptolemy 2 off course by three degrees. Once Trans Am was up, the ship was attacked by an A-Laws cruiser. Luckily, Sumeragi had anticipated this and had 00 launch during atmospheric exist, which destroyed the cruiser.

Mission 18

After a brief skirmish with the GNZ-005 Garazzo, Ptolemy 2 docked at the Lagrange 3 asteroid base, where immediate repairs and resupplying began. Unfortunately, their resupplying operations had to cease when the A-Laws found the base. Ptolemy 2 and the Gundams launched to defend any escaping ships. However, Gadessa used its Launcher to punch a hole in Ptolemy 2, disabling its GN field. Ptolemy was able to reactivate its GN Field afterwards. Thanks to the 00 Raiser, the enemy was forced to flee. Ptolemy 2 then raced back to Earth to destroy Memento Mori.

Mission 19

While 00 Raiser sortied to defend the Katharon fleet (and draw the attention of the A-Laws' defenses), Ptolemy 2 stayed at a distance, waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Luckily, Nena Trinity had secretly sent detailed information on Memento Mori. After Sumeragi devised a strategy, Ptolemy 2 then commenced its assault mission. Racing along the lower ring, right in Memento Mori's blind spot, Ptolemy 2 attempted to bypass the superweapon's defenses, but the A-Laws ships and suits pushed it into Memento Mori's firing range. But thanks to proper timing calculations from Marie Parfacy, Ptolemy 2 evades the particle beam from Memento Mori with Arios' Trans Am. Seravee and Cherudim then come out the center launch tube in ready position; since Arios' Trans Am is all focused on speed, meaning Ptolemy 2 can't use its GN Field; Cherudim deployed its Shield Bits to defend the ship. Once they got close to the superweapon, Sumeragi issued Tieria/Seravee to fire at it using hyper burst mode, followed by a salvo of GN missiles, which penetrated Memento Mori's hull, exposing its light resonance chamber. Cherudim then sniped the exposed chamber, destroying Memento Mori. The A-Laws warships assigned to protect Memento Mori were also caught in the blast.

Mission 20

Before 00 Raiser could return to the ship, the Ptolemy 2 was attacked by the mobile armor Empress, along with the Gadessa and Garazzo. The ship was forced to reenter Earth's atmosphere in order to escape, but was pursued by the Gadessa and Garazzo. With the ship landed for repairs, Arios and Seravee launched to fight off the attackers. Seravee revealed one of its hidden features, the Seraphim Gundam, and destroyed Garazzo, killing its pilot Bring Stabity.

Mission 21

While 00 Raiser is fighting Mr. Bushido (Graham Aker) after hearing about an attempted Federation coup by Pang Hercules, the Ptolemy 2 rushes to the Africa Tower, hoping to find Setsuna and assist Katharon. Hercule's plan was to expose the atrocities that A-LAWS have committed, but that is impossible due to the Federation's control over Veda, allowing them to have real-time information. In space, Ptolemy 2 assists Katharon and the coup forces by attempting to destroy a rebuilt Memento Mori. Despite the crew's best efforts, Memento Mori manages to fire on the Africa Tower, causing it to collapse and kill hundreds of civilians. However, due to a temporary alliance between all opposing forces, the fragments of the tower are all shot down and miss the civilians living near the tower.

Mission 22

After a four month hiatus, Ptolemy 2 returns to action. However, their mission to destroy A-LAWS is made more daunting by the fact that the regular Federation army has been placed under the control of A-LAWS. Gundam Meister Tieria Erde suggests to Sumeragi that they attempt to retake Veda from the Innovators. On top of that, while separated from the crew, Setsuna was exposed to GN Tau particles through a bullet from Ali al-Saachez. It is Setsuna who suggests that they try to capture an Innovator to find Veda's location.

Mission 23

During the next battle, a force of 12 mobile suits is sent to intercept the Ptolemy 2 in space. The force includes an Ahead piloted by Andrei Smirnov, a GNZ-003 Gadessa piloted by Revive Revival, and a custom Ahead piloted by Louise Halevy. Revive/Gadessa attempts to destroy the Ptolemy from afar, but is engaged in a duel by Tieria/Seravee. Tieria/Seravee engages Revive/Gadessa in hand to hand combat, with the former winning over, but Revive escapes in his GN Tau escape pod. Tieria then activates the Seraphim Gundam and captures the pod.

While being interrogated by the Gundam Meisters and Sumeragi, Revive reveals that he was intentionally captured to take 00 Gundam and 0 Raiser, along with sleeper agent Anew Returner. Their plan to take both machines fails but the Raiser System is damaged. During the next battle, Ptolemy 2 faces off against two new units, the GNZ-007 Gaddess piloted by Anew and the GNMA-0001V Regnant piloted by Louise. The Meisters intercept the new units and all return to the ship safely. However, Cherudim is damaged from its duel with the Gaddess and its meister, Lyle Dylandy, becomes angry towards Setsuna for killing Anew.

Mission 24

Through information from Wang Liu Mei, the crew of the Ptolemaios 2 discovers that Veda is near the dark side of the moon. However, it is within a large object of unknown mass(CBS Celestial Being). Ptolemaios 2 sets out to find Veda and atone for their sins. Before venturing into battle, the four Gundams receive new GN upgrades and the ship has repairs done.

Mission 25(In the Movie)

The year is AD 2314, the events of AD 2312 has jump-started innovation in humanity and the Federation has begun to exploit the power of Innovators. A new enemy has arisen and Celestial Being was forced to return once more to quell the threat.