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Returning from Axis, the Argama docks at Granada on the moon to resupply. Judau, Elle, Torres, and Milly head out into Granada city, where Torres runs into Cecilia, a friend of his from childhood. But then Judau witnesses Cecilia making contact with Gottn.


The Argama is sent to Grenada for new orders. Torres, Milly, Judau and Elle meet Torres' friend Cecilia waitressing at a restaurant. Gottn hires her as a spy. Mondo and Beecha arrive at the restaurant but Milly calls them which blows their cover and gets them into a fight with Axis soldiers Nel and Grey. Nel and Grey leave then the Argama's crew. After returning to space Judau, Mondo and Beccha launch and are intercepted by Nel and Grey. An Axis mobile suit is destroyed and after Judau hesitates to tell Torres that Cecilia is an Axis spy.


  • The song Hoshizora no Believe can be heard playing, while Torres and Milly meet up with Judau and Elle.
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