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Catherine's Tears is the thirteenth episode of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. It first aired in Japan on June 30, 1995 and North America on March 22, 2000.



Zechs practices with Tallgeese.

Tallgeese gets out of its carrier and heads into the atmosphere. Zechs calls for his assistants to fire anti-aircraft missiles at the Tallgeese, which he easily dodges. He lands, unharmed. In the docking hangar, he talks to his engineer, and tells him to tune up the engine.


Alex during the attack.

Elsewhere, a Cancer fires missiles upon an Alliance Base. An Aries attacks from the air. The Alliance members surrender, but the 2 Mobile Suits pilots execute them anyway, destroying the rest of the base. Later, the 2 mobile suit pilots, Alex and Mueller, head to Lake Victoria, where they hope to get supplies and more troops. They are upset when the get there because there is no soldiers to help them.


Mueller yells at Miser.

The only OZ soldier at the base is Zechs, who agrees to go with them as a subordinate. The next day he heads to their target, while they prepare on the river. Alex and Mueller plan on using Zechs as a decoy during the battle. Zechs is let off in the Tallgeese over the base. The Alliance Base's main weapon, the Noventa cannon fires at him, but he dodges.


The Noventic cannon fires at Tallgeese.

Zechs blast the front line Leos while Alex, Mueller and another pilot attack from the sea. Zechs orders the Alliance to surrender, and they do so, but Alex, Mueller and their assistant continue to attack. When Zechs tells them to stop, they refuse and continue to blast the area. Zechs distracts their assistant out of the attack, which causes him to be killed by the Alliance commander.


Tallgeese tears apart Alex's Cancer.

Angered at Zechs, Mueller attacks him, but Zechs easily slices his mobile suit in two. Alex knocks him underwater, but Zechs sneaks up behind him and tears his Cancer mobile suit to pieces. He returns to Lake Victoria with a report on their deaths, then heads in the hangar where the Wing Gundam is being rebuilt.


Heavyarms is revealed.

Meanwhile, Trowa watches OZ carriers prepare to head for space. That night, both the audience and the circus crew is shocked when Trowa's Gundam is unveiled at the show. They are even more shocked when he starts firing at a flying carrier, which is destroyed. Trowa gets out of the collapsed tent and blasts all the OZ carriers and Mobile Suits.


Catherine punches Trowa.

Catherine realizes he wants to kill himself and runs to him. She punches him in the face and convinces him not to self-detonate after he saves her from a Leo. The next day Trowa leaves with Heero in his truck. Catherine, talking to the Circus Manager, is confident that he will return someday.


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