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Projects are planned pieces of work that are designed to find information, produce or improve a set of pages. When it comes to pages on The Gundam Wiki that are deemed important, we aim to collect them into sets for a project rather than treat them as individual pages in a vacuum. Please see Category:Projects for all projects on The Gundam Wiki.

What can be a project?

A project can concern a specific work, it can be a multimedia franchise, it can be pages in a certain category, it can be infrastructure such as templates or Lua modules etc. If you are a user passionate about what could be a new project, please discuss it with Bureaucrat Admins via a project proposal. To submit project proposals, please visit our #project-proposals channel or view the project discussion.

How do projects work?

Projects are led by admins and at their very core have a project page. We create project pages under the Gundam_Wiki: namespace (this namespace is just an alias for the generic "Project:" namespace).

On such a page, it should list:

  • What the project is about and what pages should be included in it.
  • Who the project leader is.
  • Who the project helpers are.
  • Objectives
  • Guidelines for editing

We recommend that both project leaders and helpers also mention what projects they are working on in their user profile.

A page that a project concerns should include Template:Project using the project's name, this will automatically add it to the category for that project. The helpers and leaders of a project are responsible for all the pages in that project's category.

How can I get involved with a project?

If one wants to get involved with a project, one should always check its project page first before editing. Some projects may allow those who have just read its page to edit, some may only allow helpers to edit, it is up to the project leader.

If one is contributing to a project as a helper:

  • One is expected to work as a team. Communicate regularly in discussions, talk pages and message walls, let other contributors know what one is doing or intends to do.
  • Explain what one has changed when submitting an edit, no matter how minor.

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