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The Catastrophe D (Also Gundam Catastrophe) was introduced in the New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Perfect Album Bom-Bom Comic. The 96 page book was published by Kodansha Press in 1996. Unique to this guide is a series of mobile suit design variations loosely based on the original Gundams introduced in the series.

Combat Characteristics

A unique variation of the Shenlong developed for space combat and able to deploy nuclear weapons, this mobile suit was primarily intended to be used to obliterate colonies and asteroids. For increased space mobility, it was given a set of four vernier-laden wings that allowed it to maneuver easily at high-speed. It featured propellant tanks attached to the backpack and two nuclear missile launchers on the hips. Since legs were not necessary for a space combat machine, they were replaced with fuel storage tanks and two large claws for melee combat.

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