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Casval Rem Deikun (キャスバル・レム・ダイクン Kyasubaru Remu Daikun?), later known as Édouard Mass and then Char Aznable, is one of the main characters from the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin manga and its OVA adaptation.



In U.C. 0057, Casval's father, Zeon Zum Deikun, was being hunted by the Earth Federation security department for allegedly inciting independence. One day, a car bombing took place at the Federation police headquarters. In response, the Federation police sealed the Munzo University campus, where Deikun worked as a professor.

A Federation inspector questioned the dean and acting principal of the university, Degwin Sodo Zabi, on Deikun's whereabouts, suspecting that he was one of the figures secretly aiding him. Unbeknownst to the inspector, Deikun was hiding in the university's clock tower loft, where his lover, Astraia Tor Deikun, was in labor.

The Federation police searched the clock tower, and Degwin explained that it broke down long ago due to student sabotage, and its elevator was destroyed, making it inaccessible. However, Crowley Hamon, who snuck past the police blockade, was able to climb the clock tower and bring medical supply to Astraia. Thanks to the teaching of Ramba Ral, she helped Deikun and Astraia deliver their child.

As Astraia was about to give birth, Deikun remarked that their child would be a strong child that would create a new future for spacenoids, and noted how the circumstances were similar to how Jesus was born in a stable in Bethlehem. Meanwhile, the gears inside the clock, having being jostled by Hamon while she was climbing, began to turn once more. As Casval was born, the minute hand on the clock tower's broken-down clock advanced by one minute.

U.C. 0068[]

While giving a speech pushing for Munzo's independence, Casval's father, Zeon, passes away due to a heart attack. Close family friend, Jimba Ral believes there to be foul play from the Zabi and urges Casval and his family to move from the Deikun's presidential residence to the Ral household instead. Char's mother, Astraia agrees to Jimba's suggestion and attempts to move, only to be swarmed by many protesters wishing to see the late Zeon's family. Fortunately, Kycilia Zabi arrives and forces the protesters to disperse, allowing the Deikun family to safely reach Jimba's house.

During his father's funeral, the car containing Kycilia's brothers, Dozle and Sasro is bombed, killing the latter. Later on in the night, Kycilia forces her way into the Ral estate to speak with Casval. When the two are given privacy, Kycilia reveals that she had killed Sasro as he wished to eliminate the Deikuns. Although Kycilia guarantees their safety should they return to the presidential residence, Casval sees through her bluff and refuses to come along.

In a fit of rage, Kycilia cuffs Casval, but Casval proceeds to intimidate her, claiming that should she dare to harm the son of Zeon Deikun, the Zabi family's prestige would be hurt as a result. Thoroughly beaten, Kycilia releases Casval and departs. Aware of the growing ambitions of the Zabis, Astraia makes a brief visit to Zeon's legal wife, Roselucia Deikun, where the latter wishes Astraia and her children off.

Knowing that they must separate to survive, Astraia spends one last night with Casval and Astreia before they part ways. On the next day, Crowley Hamon arrives to pick the children up on a RTX-65 Guntank Early Type before attempting to flee. Midway through the trip, Crowley and the children encounter Dozle's Guntank blockade. Determined not to get killed, Char operates the Guntank's weaponry and fires at Dozle's forces; warping into a battle trance that forces his sister to plea for him to stop. Thanks to the chaos he causes, Crowley, Artesia and Casval are able to hide themselves while the rest of Dozle's forces attack their now-abandoned Guntank.

Jimba's son, Ramba later arrives to pick the trio up. Casval, Artesia and Jimba then proceed to escape Side 3 by stowing away in a cargo box bound for Earth. They later find themselves under the care of Don Teabolo Mass, a friend of Zeon.

U.C. 0071[]

Three years since becoming a part of the Mass family, Casval and Artesia, under the aliases, Édouard and Sayla respectively, find themselves in relative comfort, though Casval receives regular lectures from Jimba of the Zabi family's treachery and the insulting formation of the Autonomous Republic of Zeon. He is pulled away from Jimba's latest sermon when Artesia develops a fever, and he volunteers to stay with his sister for the night. Unfortunately, mercenaries hired by Kycilia arrive and murder Jimba and injure Teabolo. Casval and Sayla are among the targets, and Casval ends up fighting an assassin that hid himself within one of the Mass household's armors. Casval eventually gains the advantage by using a sword to pierce through the assassin's helm before tackling the intruder down a nearby balcony.

Fearful of any further attempts, Teabolo decides to move to the Texas Colony in Side 5 with the help of the Yashima family as a show of submission to the Zabi. Upon arriving on the colony, Casval and Sayla become friends with Char Aznable, the son of the colony's head, Roger. Oddly, Casval and Char look nearly identical with the singular difference being their differing eye color.

U.C. 0075[]

Years after settling down, Casval receives a distressing letter from Crowley, detailing Astraia's death. The death of his mother sparks a big turning point in Casval's life as he became increasingly cold and broody and fueled with hatred from the late Jimba's lessons. Casval and Sayla's school headmaster later informs Teabolo that while both were outstanding students, Casval was absolutely terrifying and different from the rest of the children. This is later proven true when Casval notices someone following him into Roger's cafe and assaults the man. Shortly after the Deikun's family cat, Lucifer, passes away, Casval departs from the colony, opting to accompany Char to Zeon's military academy.

Sensing that assassins would come for him, Casval plants an antique gun and fake explosives in Char's luggage to stall them at spaceport's security checkpoint. He then takes advantage of the impatient Char's wish to reach the academy early by offering to swap places. Through this move Casval would take Char's place and take the next flight to Zeon, while Char would be able to leave early. True to his expectations, Char is killed soon after when a bomb on his shuttle goes off.

Because of this, Casval uses Char's stolen papers to safely enroll in the military academy as Char Aznable. To explain the change of his eye color and insistence to wear a visor to conceal them, Casval lies that he had suffered damage from Cosmic Rays and required it for medical purposes. He listens to Gihren Zabi's opening speech for the cadets and learns that Dozle is the academy's superintendent while their younger brother, Garma is enrolled as a cadet as well.

Casval soon becomes roommates with Lino Fernandez, one of the friends of the real Char, who immediately notices the odd change in behaviour. As he consistently tops every field, Garma soon attempts to compete against Char only to fall second in all tries.

The cadets are soon given loaded march exercise where they are required to carry forty kilograms of equipment and supplies across a thirty kilometer course within sundown. Although Char and Garma are the first to get through the first checkpoint, a sudden downpour causes the cadets to temporarily halt. Noticing Char had fallen asleep, Garma attempts to gain an advantage in the race by departing early. By the time Char wakes up and resumes his movements, he notices that Garma had fallen to a nearby ditch. Although Garma's pride causes him to refuse any help Char offers, Char nonetheless cuts some branches to use his rain cover to keep Garma dry from the rain. Char later expresses his respect for Garma's determination to prove himself and to stand with his own power.

By night time, Char treats Garma's leg injury and helps him through the rest of the course. Thanks to this incident, Garma replaces Lino as Char's roommate. In response, Char teases Garma as a spoiled kid for bending the rules in such a manner.

U.C. 0076[]

In his second year, the cadets are subjected to a mock battle, where they are forced to fight at a disadvantage. Despite the stacked odds, Char leads the cadets in multiple sneak attacks to beat their opponents. During the mock battle, Lino comments that this reminds him of how Char previously led their lunaball team at highschool. Char confirms Lino's statement, unknowingly exposing that he was not the real Char Aznable to Lino.

At the end of the exercise, the cadets emerge victorious. As the head Federation instructor acknowledges their effort, Char poses two questions: If they were subjected to such a disadvantage for an actual training operation, or if this was done to drive in the inferiority of the colonies. In response, the instructor slaps Char and knocks his visor off. This causes a large outcry from the cadets, leading Garma to demand the instructor return Char's visor and apologize for his wrongdoing, something the instructor is eventually forced to do.

U.C. 0077[]

Dawn Rebellion[]

Tensions between Zeon and the Federation soon erupt when a Federation ship collides with a local vessel, causing a crash that destroys an entire agricultural block. The nearby city of Zum breaks into anarchy with rioters and Federation forces clashing, and latter using weapons against the civilian population. While helping out with the clean-up of the crash, Char notices new machines and asks Garma if he has any knowledge of such things. Garma responds that the machines were mobile suits which Dozle was helping in developing. During the clean-up, they are forced to return when they notice a battleship, which Char believes will be deployed on the civilians.

Making use of the anti-Federation sentiments of many cadets, Char convinces Garma to lead their peers in attacking the local Federation Barracks. To do continue on, Char has the third years have the younger students remain within their dorms to not interfere or raise any alarm while having Zenna Mia distract Dozle. Before departing from the academy, Char is met by Lino in secret, who reveals that he is aware of Casval's true identity, and assures the safety of his identity. Lino then hands Casval a pair of goggles to use for the mission in lieu of his visor.

Charging out with the other cadets, they are able to reach the Federation garrison under the cover of night and attack its soldiers. Garma tasks Char's team with seizing the garrison's control tower. While assigning roles, Char has Lino seize one of the base's Type 61 Tank and having him switch to a private channel between themselves. Once Lino is gone, Char lies to his team that Lino had been killed by a tank, and intentionally has them fire on the tank that Lino had taken. Char refuses to answer Lino's pleas to stop the friendly fire, discarding the Casval name in favor of Char Aznable. Char later proceeds to seize the control tower and the commanding officers solo. By the time Dozle arrives at the barracks at dawn, he finds the victorious cadets and immediately embraces the tired Garma. The incident, later known as the Dawn Rebellion, would eventually be known as the starting point for the One Year War.[1]


Following the Dawn Rebellion, Char stood in open-top car with Zenna Mia and leader of the rebellion, Garma Zabi in a tickertape parade. Other cadets held pictures of their fallen comrades, including Lino, whom Char betrayed. As Degwin Zabi was still reluctant to fight a full war against the Federation, the Zabis needed a scapegoat for the Federation forces. Knowing that Char was the one that pushed Garma to rebel, Dozle dismisses Char to appease the Federation. Char had one request before leaving the Academy; should he ever return to Zeon's military, Dozle would make him a mobile suit pilot. This made Dozle realize that Garma had spread word of Zeon's secret MS project, though he nonetheless agreed to Char's request.[2]

Upon returning to Earth, Char found work with Jarumbo Construction, operating their mobile worker units. One night while going to a casino with his coworkers, Char notices a peculiar gambler making use of a girl's talents to score big wins. When the dealer changes, however, the gambler quickly loses a high amount of money. Opting to follow the pair, Char finds the girl reminiscing of her family in India, though not wishing to come back as they needed money more than her. When the man catches the pair and attempts to slap the girl for speaking to a stranger, Char stops him. The group are soon attacked by rival gang members of the gambler and they escape back to Jarumbo's office. Upon arrival, an assassin comes over and kills the man before abducting the girl. Char attempts to intervene and is able to kill the assassin thanks to a timely sensation that warned him of the man's weapon. When the rest of the Manaus Mobsters arrive to claim the girl, revealed as Lalah Sune, Char rides one of the mobile workers and kills the mobsters, before offering Lalah to accompany him to "a place within the stars".

One Year War[]

One Week Battle[]

Having rejoined the Zeon military, Char returns under Dozle's forces and is one of the early pilots of the MS-05 Zaku I and uses it with the Black Tri-Stars and Ramba Ral to stop Trenov Y. Minovsky from defecting to the Federation forces. Despite being outnumbered by the rescue team sent to retrieve Dr. Minovsky, the superior units and skills of the aces prove more than a match for the Federation's forces. Unfortunately, Dr. Minovsky is killed when one of the opposing units crashes on him.

Nonetheless, Zeon's mobile suit development progresses smoothly with the MS-06 Zaku II in its later stages. Char is among the select pilots with the privilege of customizing his unit. After taking his unit on a test run, he complains to the mechanic of only receiving 80% of the desired output, which the mechanic cites is due to the limiters needed for the machine, but Char immediately asks to remove such limiters. At the same time, he also runs into the Black Tri-Stars, who were also examining their new units. They later inform Char that Ramba had suddenly been demoted to a lowly position within the reserves. He gets into the a short argument with the Black Tri-Stars' captain, Gaia, where he advises Gaia to earn his own glory at the incoming battle at Loum.

Battle of Loum[]

As Gihren is unwilling to wait for Side 5 to decide who to join, he orders Zeon's forces, including Char to attack Side 5's colonies, destroying the bays of many colonies. Perhaps remembering his sister, Char only makes a brief visit to the Texas colony with his Zaku, but leaves it untouched. Concurrently, the Federation fleet led by Tianem and Johann Ibrahim Revil arrive and the former engages with Dozle's fleet nearby.

Upon learning this, Char and the other mobile suit teams are tasked with ambushing the Revil's fleet while Tianem is busy fighting Dozle's forces. At this point, Char removes his Zaku's limiters, now being able to travel at speeds thrice that of a normal Zaku. Char quickly emerges as one of the top aces of the battle taking out multiple Federation ships single-handedly, even sinking a cruiser with a single bazooka shot. When Cozun Graham offers to pass his spare magazine to Char, Char politely rejects the offer, urging Graham to get some glory for the absent Ramba Ral. The mobile suit teams are also joined by Dozle's fleet, having successfully evaded Tianem to attack Revil's forces as well. Although Tianem could've easily seized the opportunity to strike Zeon itself in the absence of its military, he opts to rescue the shattered remains of Revil's forces, leaving the Zeon forces with a near perfect victory with Revil himself being captured by the Black Tri-Stars. For his superb skills and unmatchable speed, Char was dubbed as the "Red Comet" as a result of his stellar performance.

Char is given a hero's welcome alongside other commanders of the battle. During the celebratory banquet, Char runs into Garma once again, the latter having become a major in the airborne division and tasked with securing territories and ground operations for Zeon. Garma later swears to outgrow the "spoiled child" moniker Char repeatedly dumped onto him since their academy days.

Shortly before the Antarctic Treaty was signed, he was given command of his own Musai-class, the Falmer before splitting from Dozle's forces to act independently. Additionally, Dozle provides a report regarding the Federation's secret mobile suit project codenamed Operation V. As he preferred being a mobile suit pilot to being a ship captain, he made Dren acting captain. While going over a drill, they accidentally run into a Federation vessel, and Char immediately departs on his Zaku and boards the ship to personally interrogate the crew of their purpose in Zeon territory. Upon seeing that the captured Admiral Revil was on the ship, Char immediately senses an opportunity to eventually get back at the Zabis and simply departs without further attacks on the vessel. Char later lies to Dren that the vessel was just a treasure ship.





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