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The Carry Base (キャリー・ベース) is a fictional ship and one of the ships in the SD Gundam G Generation series. It is famous for housing Mark Guilder's Squad and for the many conflicts it somehow ends up in whether through their own power or not.

Technology & Combat Characteristics


  • 2-barrel Main Gun
The main weapons of the Carry Base are a pair of 2-barrel beam cannons situated on the port and starboard hull just under the mobile suit hanger. The guns are capable of pivoting up and down to increase their firing arc however their position still leaves the ship vulnerable to attacks from port and starboard.
  • 2-barrel Secondary Gun
For anti-air defense, the Carry Base is equipped with six 2-barrel secondary guns. The guns are placed beneath the bridge tower with three on the starboard hull and three on the port hull.
  • Missile Launchers
The Carry Base is equipped with six missile launchers, and depending on the ordnance can used for anti-ship or anti-mobile suit combat.



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