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The Carpentaria Base is a ZAFT military facility located in the Gulf of Carpentaria, straddling the Cape York and Arnhem Land peninsulas in Australia.


On April 2, C.E. 70, taking advantage of the chaos of the April Fool's Crisis the previous day, ZAFT split and dropped base facilities from orbit into the Gulf of Carpentaria in the PLANT-aligned nations of the Oceania Union, and built the foundation of the Carpentaria base in 48 hours. During the Battle of Carpentaria, the Earth Alliance's Pacific Fleet attempted to intercept the base but suffered a heavy defeat. The base was completed the following month, on May 20, and thereafter became the largest and most important base on the ground during ZAFT's invasion of Earth.


First Alliance-PLANT War

In C.E. 71, Athrun Zala's team launched in a Vosgulov-class submarine from this base to pursue the Archangel. Even though ZAFT's situation worsened after the Battle of Alaska Base in May, the Operation Orb Liberation by the Earth Alliance Forces in June, and the withdrawal from the European Front due to the abandonment of the Gibraltar Base at the Second Battle of Casablanca in July, the Carpentaria base remained as ZAFT's largest base on Earth. On August 8, C.E. 71,[1] "Operation Ayers Rock Descent" was launched to drop MS from orbit as part of Operation 8.8, which occurred after the Earth Alliance Forces recaptured the Victoria Base. ZAFT and the Oceania Union struggled against the sheer volume of the Earth Alliance Forces, but the war ended before the base fell. After signing the "Treaty of Junius," the Carpentaria base, along with the Gibraltar base, stayed as ZAFT's bases on Earth.

Second Alliance-PLANT War

In C.E. 73, Carpentaria operate as ZAFT's main base in the Second Alliance-PLANT War. After the Minerva escaped from the EA ambush outside of Orb Union, Carpentaria was the port they docked at for repairs and resupply. While the Minerva was docked at Carpentaria, Athrun Zala and his ZGMF-X23S Saviour Gundam officially transferred to the ship as a FAITH agent and the ship's new mobile suit combat commander.[2]



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