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The Carpentaria Base is a military facility of ZAFT in the Cosmic Era.


Carpentaria is the first major military base of ZAFT on Earth, located along the northern coast of the PLANT-aligned nation Oceania Union on the continent of Australia. The base served as ZAFT's headquarters for combat in and around the Pacific Ocean. On April 2, CE 70 the disassembled parts of the base were dropped from the orbit and after 48 hours the foundation of the base was laid. The base was completed on May 20 and from this base ZAFT attacked other parts on Earth.

First Alliance-PLANT War

During the First Alliance-PLANT War, Athrun Zala was transferred to the Carpentaria base before being transported to his team's current location. On August 8, CE 71 the Earth Alliance started Operation 8.8 to capture the Carpentaria base. However with the end of the war and after signing the Treaty of Junius, the Carpentaria Base, along with the Gibraltar Base, stayed as one of ZAFT's bases on Earth.

Second Alliance-PLANT War

At the beginning of the Second Alliance-PLANT War after the Minerva escaped from the EA ambush outside of Orb Union, Carpentaria was the port they next docked at for repairs and resupply. It is also the base where the AMA-953 BABI was first seen. While the Minerva was docked at Carpentaria, Athrun Zala and his ZGMF-X23S Saviour Gundam officially transferred to the ship as a FAITH agent and the ship's new mobile suit combat commander.

It is likely that Carpentaria is where the main attack force for Operation Fury gathered and launched from.


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