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Carlos Andalusia (カルロス・アンダルシア) is a fictional character in the Mobile Fighter G Gundam.

Personality & Character

The Gundam Fighter of Neo Spain, he was a honorable fighter who took pride in his fights. When approached by Michelo Chariot with a plan to get rid of Domon Kasshu, he strongly opposed the dirty tactics he had planned.


Neo Spain's Gundam Fighter in the 13th Gundam Fight, he was defeated by Chandra Sijiema's GF13-030NIN Cobra Gundam in the first round. While in a meeting with other Gundam Fighters defeated by Domon, Michelo approached them with a plan to rid themselves of Domon and get revenge. Opposing this, he attempted to warn Domon, but the building he was in was attacked by Michelo. He was last seen being taken away on a stretcher, unconscious.


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