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Captain Zeon (キャプテン・ジオン Kyaputen Jion?) is a character in the Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE television series. He is the builder and pilot of the RX-93N04 ν-Zeon Gundam.

Personality & Character

A Diver who has more passion and love for GBN than any other. He is active as a video-streaming "G-Tuber", who wears a hero suit and does his best to improve the manners of GBN. He has many followers, including Kazami. He is also the author of Hobby Hobby Imaging Divers Ver.C.Z.

Skills & Abilities

Though very little has been shown of Captain Zeon in battle, he seems to be a skilled Diver, adept with both melee and long-range weapons. Though he suffered many defeats throughout his career (at least 37), he is never discouraged and never gives up, motivated by his "burning Gunpla spirit".


A G-Tuber who regularly upload videos of his encounters in GBN, Captain Zeon has many followers. In one such video, he battles the Three Gaza Brothers, a trio of older ill-mannered Divers. Disappointed in their behavior, which included selling freebie prizes, blocking the launchpad, and teamkilling, Captain Zeon easily vanquished them. One link at the video's end suggested he teamed up with the Diver who resembled Patrick Colasour. In the thumbnail of another video he released, his Nu-Zeon Gundam was defeated at the hands of a RMSN-008 Bertigo. Kazami refused to watch it as he finds losing to be uncool.

A later video had him fighting a custom GFAS-X1 Destroy Gundam. As Captain Zeon was getting pummeled, Kazami shut off the video because of his views. However, when caught up against a fight with an Eldora Daughtress, the video restarted, showing that Captain Zeon refused to surrender even when outmatched and was rescued by the Three Gaza Brothers, who had turned over a new leaf. At the end of the video, Captain Zeon shook hands with the eldest Gaza Brother, thankful for their timely rescue.


  • Kazami
Captain Zeon knows that Kazami is one of his most ardent followers, and was very impressed by the latter's Justice Knight. Though believing that it was too soon to contact him, he went out of his way to build an "unauthorized" partner for the young man.[1] During Alus' attack on GBN, Captain Zeon met Kazami in-person and the two were successfully able to destroy one of his ships. After the defeat of Alus, he was seen in the in-game advert "Triple C" with Kazami and Patrick Colasour [2].


Notes & Trivia

Principality of Zeon's Captain Zeon in MS Era

  • Captain Zeon is likely a reference to the Principality of Zeon propaganda character of the same name that first appeared in the M.S. ERA artbook. This propaganda character has an animation series in his name and is depicted as a superhero dedicated to fighting Earth Federation soldiers, spies, and sympathizers.
  • Captain Zeon's voice actor, Shō Hayami, also voice Rommel from Gundam Build DiversGinias Sahalin from Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, and Iznario Fareed  from Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans.
  • It is heavily implied that Captain Zeon is Rommel's alternate account. Rommel was distracted when Kazami mentioned Captain Zeon when they fought at the Lotus Challenge ver. Eldora, and appeared flattered when Kazami praised Captain Zeon after the battle [3]. When all of GBN teamed up to defeat Alus's invading forces, Rommel left and Captain Zeon appeared [2]. Furthermore, During the One Day Battle Royale event, Parviz mistaken Captain Zeon as Rommel.
    • Based on the in-show evidence, Rommel/Captain Zeon takes on different characteristics and playstyle for each of his account.


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