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The Capital Territory (キャピタル・テリトリィ Kyapitaru Teritoryi?) is a nation featured in Gundam Reconguista in G. It stretches from the coast with the Caribbean to the Amazon basin.[1]


The Capital Territory are the people who make up the worshippers of the Capital Tower, covering the top of the South American Continent. They have a large amount of wealth and power thanks to their status of controlling the supply of Photon Batteries in the world. The Capital Tower is defended by the Capital Guard.



SU-Cord is the main religion of the Capital Territory and its leader is His Holiness, Gel Trimedestus Nug.


Capital Tower

Capital Tower

The Capital Tower is a space elevator left over from the Universal Century. There are 144 nuts that make up Capital Tower. The lower most nut, the under nut is also part of it but it is not counted in the 144 as it was originally an artificial satellite built to clear space debris from the UC era. Even in low orbit, the cables and nuts move in sync with the Earth's rotation because the Minovsky Magnet-ray Field (MMF) effect produced between the cables and nuts, powered by the Airglow Belt in the Earth's upper atmosphere.[2]

The Capital Tower is venerated by members of the SU-Cord religion.

Capital Guard Academy

This is where cadets are trained to become members of the Capital Guard.

Hangar 25

This is next to the Academy's port. The Capital Army hid the YG-111 Gundam G-Self in this civilian hangar to study it.[3]

St. Flower Academy

St. Flower Academy is a girls' school that has close ties with the Capital Guard Academy.

Prisoner's Tower

This stone building was where Aida Rayhunton was kept prisoner. The maze-like interior of the Tower is made of wood with some staircases leading to no where, possibly intended to make break out attempts harder, although Bellri managed to figure out what to do eventually.[3]

Sankt Porto

Sankt Porto

Holy space station at the end of the Capital Tower, used for the arrival of Photon Batteries from Towasanga. Takes a week to reach via the Tower.



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