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Canard Pars (カナード・パルス?) is a character from Gundam SEED X Astray. He was a member of the Earth Alliance and Eurasian Federation and pilot of the CAT1-X1/3 Hyperion Unit 1 until the ending stages of the First Alliance-PLANT War. After the war, Canard became a mercenary and piloted the YMF-X000A/H Dreadnought H.

Personality & Character

Although Canard's facial expression is stern, he has many similarities with Kira, such as the same physical characteristics (hair, eye color, etc.) and similar voice, but it has not been clarified whether this is because they are related through fertilized eggs or their genes are almost identical. Perhaps due to the fact that he spent his life in a very different environment from Kira, his personality is fierce and aggressive, and he doesn't hesitate to attack and kill people if he doesn't like something.

Skills & Abilities

His abilities are superior to those of a normal coordinator, and is able to fight on even terms with the mercenary unit Serpent Tail's Gai Murakumo. In battle, Canard was known to use his Hyperion Unit 1's "Armure Lumiere" beam barrier to turn his mobile suit into an indestructible target to distract the enemy, allowing his comrades to take them out using their TS-MA2 Moebius mobile armors, which under normal circumstances were easy prey for ZAFT's mobile suits.



Canard Pars was born in a laboratory in the Mendel Colony and was regarded as a failed ultimate coordinator. He was scheduled to be disposed of, but one of the researchers took pity on him and let him go. He was then picked up by the Eurasian Federation, and was treated as a guinea pig for their own research into creating ultimate coordinator. He eventually escaped from the Eurasian Federation's laboratory and while on the run, he met a mysterious man who tells him about Kira Yamato - the successful Ultimate coordinator. The man also suggested that Canard trains hard so that he could defeat Kira and become the ultimate coordinator. Heeding the man's advice, Canard allowed himself to be taken back to the laboratory and eventually became a member of the Eurasian Federation's special task force "X".

Gundam SEED X Astray/SEED Destiny Astray

When the Earth Alliance acquired the Neutron Jammer Canceller technology, Canard was determined to upgrade his mobile suit with it, so that he would have no constraints on his "Armure Lumiere" beam barrier. He fought against Prayer Reverie, pilot of the YMF-X000A Dreadnought Gundam, trying to obtain the N-Jammer Canceller several times. Canard later destroyed Hyperion Unit 2, piloted by Balsam Arendo when he deserted the Alliance. He then refitted his Hyperion Unit 1 with a N-Jammer Canceller and nuclear engine that he got from the Ptolemaeus lunar base.

In the end, Canard was defeated by Prayer, but did not die; Prayer protected him from the explosion of Hyperion's overloading reactor and apparently died shortly after due to flaws in the cloning process. Shortly after the end of the First Alliance-PLANT War, Canard finally saw Kira Yamato at Reverend Malchio's orphanage. As Canard rushed towards an unaware Kira, finally being able to fulfill his goal of killing him, he suddenly stopped, looked into Kira's eyes, turned around and walked away, finally deciding to abandon his quest and move on with his life.

Later, Canard reunites with his special forces comrades (who had deserted the Eurasian Federation alongside him) to form Mercenary Unit X. He now pilots the rebuilt Dreadnought Gundam, the YMF-X000A/H Dreadnought H.

Gundam SEED VS Astray

He first appeared in Chapter 10, interfering with the fight between ND HE and Rondo Gina Sahaku. He demanded from them the location of Prayer Reverie and intends to kill him as he know this Prayer is a fake. After defeating ND HE, he was brought to the base where the carbon human clone of Prayer was present. Canard then learns about the true motives of the clone along with Gai and Lowe, they then jointly defeated him in a battle. After the battle, Canard tried to kill the clone, which was what the clone wanted, but was stopped by Lowe, who then suggested a better way out for the clone.


Notes & Trivia

  • Canard Pars was voiced by Souichiro Hoshi in the video game Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Generation of CE, which is fitting since both of Hoshi's roles, the other being Kira Yamato, are the only surviving products of the Ultimate Coordinator project.
  • Canard appeared and met directly with his fellow Ultimate Coordinator, Kira Yamato, in Super Robot Wars W. At first, Canard considered Kira as his enemy, however, the player is given the option of convincing him to join the Neue Wärter (the player faction). In the ending of the game, if he was convinced, Prayer Reverie gives him his Dreadnought Gundam. If he was not convinced, Prayer asks Kazahana Aja to deliver the Dreadnought to Canard for him.

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