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Losing his duel with Garrod, Carris tricks the other boy into shooting him with a pistol and is rushed into the medical bay of the Freeden for treatment. After recovering slightly from his wounds, Carris goes out into a blizzard, planning to end his life since he things it has no meaning anymore since his world has come crashing down around him. Rescued by Tiffa and Garrod from the cold, they convince the Cyber-Newtype that he does have something to live for and that he can start anew, and be their friend. But the joyous moment is cut short as Ennil arrives in one of Fort Severns mobile suits and kidnaps Carris, taking him back to the fort city. Once back at the fort, the Mayor straps Carris into a capsule in the Palutia, turning him into nothing more but a fighting machine and activates the mobile armor from a control room inside of it with Ennil El. The Patulia slowly rises out from under Fort Severn, destroying much of it in its launch, and then under the command of the crazed Mayor Noama Long, it starts to attack the city. Garrod and the pilots of the Freeden launch an all out attack on the mobile armor, to put an end to the mad Noama Long and his dreams to burn the entire surface of the Earth and kill all of the humans living on it.

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