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The CRX-007 Volcano is a mobile suit from Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Dust.

Design & Development

The CRX-007 Volcano is an experimental mobile suit designed to maintain offensive power by equipping a large amount of live ammunition to overcome the unreliability of beam weapons. It is armed with beam cannons mounted on the shoulders and hips. However, the beam cannons malfunction after only one shot due to the deteriorated quality of internal components. Although it does not perform as well as the catalog specifications, it has higher performance than the restore mobile suits around here.


  • Vulcan gun

A machine gun with four built-in heads.

  • Machine gun

Drum magazine machine gun with a common Cyclops mechanism.

  • Missile launcher

It is installed in large quantities on the arms, shoulders, back and legs.

  • Beam cannon

Two beam guns equipped with two on each shoulder and two on each waist. Due to quality deterioration, you can only shoot one shot per gate.

  • Beam saber

Two sets are stored in both knee armor.


Operational History


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