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The CRGM-119 Jamesgun Kai is a general purpose mobile suit from Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Dust.

Design & Development

A custom mobile suit based on the RGM-119 Jamesgun, its overall performance is lower compared to the base Jamesgun due to a deterioration in technology. Following the conventions of the era, the Jamesgun Kai uses live ammunition weaponry.


  • Vulcan gun

A machine gun with two left and right gates built into the head.

  • Machine gun

A machine gun equipped in place of the unreliable beam rifle . There are two types: a type that uses the exterior of the Gm gun beam rifle and a type that is common to the Cyclops machine.

  • Cannon

A cannon for long-distance support. The shape is similar to the 180mm cannon that was equipped with Gundam ground type during the One year war .

  • Shield

A large shield with a viewing window that was mainly equipped on GM machines.


Operational History

Based on the Jamesgun, a "C" (standing for "Cyclops") was added to the model number to differentiate it from the base machine.


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