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The CONCEPT-X 6-1-2 Turn X (aka Turn X) is a mobile suit featured in Turn A Gundam. It is piloted by Gym Ghingham.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Excavated on the Moon's Mountain Cycle, the Turn X is the "brother" unit of the SYSTEM ∀-99 ∀ Gundam, and it is piloted by Gym Ghingham in C.C. (Correct Century) 2345. The Turn X features a head mounted cockpit ("X-top").

As a combat unit, the Turn X was more than a match for any contemporary or excavated suit, including the Turn A itself. Featuring performance that equals or even surpasses that of the Turn A, it was a formidable match for the already impressive Turn A.

The Turn X's construction allowed it to have a set of detachable body bits (most equipped with mega particle cannons), with each one functioning as individual weapons controlled by a powerful Psycommu System. Furthermore, the Psycommu System that the Turn X uses is also known to be able to monitor vital reactions and energy wavelengths.

The Turn X mounts various weapons, including a "Carapace" Weapon Platform backpack which holds a 3-tube missile launcher, bazooka, and beam rifle. Furthermore, the Turn X features the Destruction Manipulator instead of a standard manipulator for its right hand. The Destruction Manipulator is a versatile weapon that can function as a beam cannon or beam saber. In addition, the Turn X has a "Power Drainer", a strange armament located on the unit's chest piece which allows the Turn X to literally drain the energy of other mobile suits.

Furthermore, the Turn X features the devastating and infamous Moonlight Butterfly. In C.C. 2345, the Turn X only had the sufficient amount of energy for the usage of Moonlight Butterfly but lacked both the nanomachines and the program to use it. Contrarily, the Turn A did not possess sufficient amount of energy to activate the Moonlight Butterfly.

Although the Turn X possesses nanomachines like its brother unit, the Turn A, the exact capabilities of its nanomachines are unknown.


  • Carapace Weapon Platform
The Carapace Weapon Platform is located on the back of the Turn X, the weapon platform functions like a backpack. This system was originally equipped with the ability to aid interplanetary space travel. The Carapace Weapon Platform houses the majority of the Turn X's weapons, such as the Turn X's 3-tube missile launcher, bazooka and beam rifle.
  • 3-tube Missile Launcher
  • Bazooka
  • Beam Rifle
  • Hand Beam Gun
  • Mega Particle Cannon
All body parts of the Turn X can be separated and utilized as remote weapons. The Turn X has nine separate components, each able to fire a mega particle beam, which includes the chest, waist, X-top/cockpit, left shoulder, right shoulder, left leg, right leg, left arm, and the Weld-Off/Destruction Manipulator right arm.
  • Weld-Off/Destruction Manipulator
The Turn X features a "Fusion Destruction Manipulator" instead of a normal manipulator on its right arm.
  • Beam Emitter
The Turn X's beam emitters are located inside the Turn X's Destruction Manipulator, these beam emitters allow the Destruction Manipulator to function as a versatile weapon as the unit's beam emitters allow the Destruction Manipulator to function as a beam cannon or beam saber. Notably, the beam emitter is also the source of the energy used for the Turn X's devastating "Shining Finger" attack.
  • Grappling Wire
Inside the Destruction Manipulator are three grappling wires that can be used to damage or disable targets.

Special Equipment and Features

  • All Range Attack
The Turn X's all-range attack ("Bloody Siege"). With the aid of the unit's Psycommu System, the Turn X has the ability to separate into nine different parts and perform all-range attacks. Additionally, the Turn X's parts can surround a mobile suit and generate a powerful disabling magnetic-field.
  • X-Top
This functions as both cockpit and evacuation system for the Turn X. Additionally, it serves as the central system to the Turn X's all range attack. It is also, according to documents, the control system of the orbital satellite cannon named "Keilas Guilie", though neither records of its usage of such weapon nor the existence of this cannon have been discovered.
  • I-Field Barrier
The I-Field forms an invisible barrier around the Turn X, protecting it from incoming beam attacks.
  • Moonlight Butterfly System
Both the Turn A's and Turn X's nanomachines are capable of an devastating attack called the "Moonlight Butterfly", named after the strange butterfly wings that emits from the Turn units when the attack is active. It is said that the attack has three requirements, the nanomachines, the energy to use them, and finally the program to activate it. The attack is performed by releasing numerous nanomachines along an I-Field protruding from the back section of the Turn units, creating large, iridescent butterfly wings, which can turn most if not all technologies into silicon dioxide (sand). Lastly, the Moonlight Butterfly can be used as a defense of sorts as it can easily defend against both beam and physical attacks.
  • Power Drainer
Located in the Turn X's chest piece, the Power Drainer allows the Turn X to absorb the energy of other mobile suits and sources of energy.
  • Psycommu System
The Turn X's advanced Psycommu System allows its pilot to separate the Turn X's parts and control them to perform all-range attacks. Moreover, the system allows the Turn X's pilot to monitor enemy vital reactions and energy wavelengths. The full capabilities of the Turn X's Psycommu System are unknown.
  • Shining Finger
The Turn X's "Shining Finger" attack is achieved by concentrating a large amount of energy into the Destruction Manipulator.


In C.C. 2345, as the conflict between the people of Earth and the Moonrace continued, the political situation on the Moon changed. An alliance between Agrippa Maintainer and Gym Ghingham sought to usurp power from Queen Dianna Soriel. During this time, Gym began research on the 'Dark History', and began excavations on the Moon which yielded several mobile suits such as the CONCEPT-X 6-1-2 Turn X for his personal use, and several G-M1F Bandits (used by Merrybell Gadget), G-838 Mahiroos, J-2126 Muttowooos, and G-M2F Zssans.

The "X" in the Turn X means "An object turned from its path by the tenth planet (Planet X)", indicating an extraterrestrial origin. The Turn X was in fact created by humans who emigrated to other star systems long ago. It was originally made to be piloted by newtypes and thus its full power cannot be realized in the Earth sphere of Turn A Gundam where newtypes do not exist. The one featured in Turn A Gundam was drifted to Earth for unknown reason. The earthlings were horrified by the fact that such advanced technology existed that far surpassed their own technological capabilities. The fear of invasion from outer space prompted the earthlings to reverse engineer the Turn X's technology which created the Turn A [1]. At some point after the creation of the Turn A, the Earth was divided into 2 factions; the one possessing the Turn A held that civilization should be reset entirely to allow mankind to begin anew, while the other with the Turn X believed that the technological deadlock could eventually be overcome. This clash of ideology culminated in a war between the two factions with the Turn X losing in the battle against the Turn A. The X-shaped mark on the Turn X's chest was the damage it received from this battle which was not reparable by any means. In the aftermath of the war, all traces of technology on Earth were wiped out and civilization was reset. Both Turn units were then burried in the mountain cycles they created at their respective final destinations [1]. These events are assumed and heavily implied to have led to the beginning of C.C. 0001.

In C.C. 2345, Gym would use the Turn X throughout the ending stages of the Earth/Moonrace conflict. The Turn X featured overwhelming combat performance as it easily defeated most mobile suits used in this conflict, including the advanced MRC-F20 SUMO. During the Turn X's second and final battle with the Turn A, both machines unleashed their Moonlight Butterflies and engaged in single combat. Both Turn units fought each other to a stalemate until both units managed to heavily damage each other in close combat. Both pilots, Loran Cehack and Gym Ghingham, escaped unharmed and subsequently engaged in a short sword duel. However, both machines were encased in a large cocoon as the Moonlight Butterfly from both machines were of equal strength and thus both suits were unable to destroy each other. Eventually, both the Turn units and Gym Ghingham were encased in the cocoon created by the two Moonlight Butterflies for an unknown amount of time.


  • CONCEPT-X 6-1-2 Turn X Monda Gonda Custom
A customized Gunpla built and operated by Monta Gonda, student at Seiho Academy. This unit features a gold color scheme and retains all of the Turn X's standard armaments. It appears in Gundam Build Fighters.

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Notes and Trivia

  • Syd Mead considered the Turn X to be his best design in the series.
  • Takeshi Takakura designed the original Turn X (Turn X Early Production Type), which is meant to be a Turn X used before the events of Turn A Gundam. Some notable differences include:
    • It has a humanoid right hand (which is capable of performing "Shining Finger") instead of the Destructive Manipulator, the former couldn't be reproduced due to insufficient technology.
    • The X-shape scar on its chest is missing.
    • The Carapace backpack has a more balanced design, instead of being asymmetrical.
    • White was used instead of light green for its armor, along with some patches of discoloration to represent Nano Skin dysfunction.
    • A popular theory among Japanese fandom suggests that the Turn-X's "Bloody Siege" attack was not merely a form of weaponry, but was also a system that pointed to the unit being one of a series of mass produced identical Turn units. If a limb was destroyed in battle, an identical unit could be lauched to re-attach and replace the missing limb, similar to the Top Limb and Bottom Limbs featured in the mass produced Victory Gundam. The reality may be that the Turn X we know was merely one in a line of countless planet destroying units fielded in deep space.
  • The Turn X appears in Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden and Super Robot Wars Z, both of which use the storyline of Turn A Gundam as part of their plot. The Turn X is briefly playable in Z during an event taken from Gundam SEED Destiny.
  • The Turn X appears as a playable mobile suit in the second and third Dynasty Warriors Gundam games. Although it first appeared as an underpowered non-license mobile suit in the second game, it was upgraded into a full-fledged licensed mobile suit in the third.


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