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This article is not to be confused with the F-7D Spearhead.

The CCMS-04 Spearhead is a mobile suit from the G-Saviour video game.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Spearhead is a newer model mass-production CONSENT mobile suit. Boasting greater performance than the previous CCMS-03 Bugu, it is highly versatile, and able to equip several different armaments to suit the pilot and battlefield needs. The name "Spearhead" is derived from the spear-shaped "antenna" on its head unit.


  • Vulcan Guns
Head mounted vulcan guns used to thwart enemy movement.
  • Shoulder Beam Cannon
The Cannon Type has two shoulder-mounted beam cannons.
  • Beam Cannon
The Cannon Type can carry up to six handheld beam cannons, three in each hand.
  • Shoulder Shield
The Ballistic Type has a physical shoulder shield for defense.
  • Large Launcher
The Ballistic Type carries a large long-range projectile launcher.


The Spearhead was deployed by the Gremly Sheep forces led by Bais Bashing. Klaus Barrod pilots a high-performance custom blue Spearhead. Klaus and his Spearhead was stationed at the Rio spaceport, however he was defeated by Reed Fox in the G-SAVIOUR G-Saviour Space Mode.

A Cannon Type was piloted by Kite Goldman, who ended up being the only surviving Gremly Sheep pilot of his unit. Reed asked him to surrender, which he refused, believing reinforcements to be on their way. He was promptly defeated by the much more powerful G3-Saviour.

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