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CBS-74 Ptolemaios II
Ptolemaios II
Fast Facts
Model Number CBS-74
Unit Type
Multi-Purpose Mobile Suit Carrier
Launched Anno Domini 2311
Manufacturer Celestial Being
Operator Celestial Being
Pilot Lasse Aeon
General Characteristics
Overall Height
Powerplant GN Drive(s)
  • Bridge
  • Sub-Bridge
  • Food & Quarters
  • Tactical Room
  • Observation Room(s)
  • Weapons & Supplies
  • MS Container
Armor: E-Carbon
  • GN Missiles
  • GN Cluster Missiles
  • GN Cannons x 4
Special Equipments and Features
  • Trans Am System
  • GN Field
  • Atmospheric Re-Entry
  • E-Sensors
  • Submarine Mode
    • E-Sonar
  • Cloaking System
Optional Equipments
  •  ????
Mobile Units

Ptolemaios 2 is the new mothership/MS carrier for Celestial Being in season 2.

Combat Characteristics

As the successor to Ptolemaios I, Ptolemaios II is a dramatic improvement over its predecessor. Ptolemy 2 is a multi-purpose MS transport carrier, capable of operating in space, atmosphere, and sea. Ptolemy 2 was designed to be a combat support ship, capable of providing combat support to their Gundams/Meisters in various situations. The ship has atmospheric re-entry capabilities and capable of returning to space on its own. The ship no longer uses a docking ring for launching Gundams or support crafts, it has a MS container bay that directly loads their Gundams onto the linear catapult to launch two mobile units at a time.


GN Missile Launcher

GN Missile

GN Cluster Missile

GN Smoke Missile

GN Cannon

System Features


Ptolemy 2 was designed to utilize the power of Trans-Am through their solar furnaces. The ship technically doesn't have a Trans-Am system, rather the ship feeds off Trans-Am power from the Gundams. In a situation when Trans-Am is needed, at least one Gundam is needed to super power the carrier. It's unclear what is the ship's particle output and tolerance when utilizing such high GN particle energies, but Ptolemy 2 was designed to siphon GN particles from all their Gundams for maximum potential.

When utilizing the Gundam's Trans-Am, the ship's hull integrity, GN Field, speed, and weapons are temporarily enhanced. Trans-Am was used to help the ship return to space at incredible speeds and can repel powerful particle beams; Trans-Am power is still limited to the duration of the Gundams. Once Trans-Am deactivates on the Gundams, the ship's power return to normal or below parameters until recharged.

Optical Camouflage

Like its Gundams the Ptolemaios 2 can cloak to make itself invisible from enemies. Only one cloaking mode called satellite cloaking was used which makes the upper side of the ship invisible and hides it from views above.


Little was explained into the creation of Ptolemy 2. Though a successor of Ptolemy, it was never explained was this ship a repaired and upgraded version of the original or a completely new variant. The ship can only be logically presumed constructed either at Celestial Being's secret base in Lagrange 3, built at Krung Thep, and/or constructed in between those two locations. The launch of the ship is also unclear and can only be certain in active service in 2312 AD.

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