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The CAMW-14 MW-Raid (or "Mobile Weapon Raid") is a mass-produced unmanned mobile weapon and appears in the G-Saviour video game.

Technology & Comabat Characteristics

The latest CONSENT mobile weapon and successor to the CAMW-13 MW-Rai. It was developed under Project Raven as an improved version of the MW-Rai. It features a new onboard A.I. developed under the Project Raven program, and is noted by Reed Fox to move almost as if a human pilot was at the controls.


  • Beam Saber
The MW-Raid is equipped with a single beam saber that emits a turquoise beam.
  • Beam Lance
  • Beam Shield
A beam shield. The beam shield generator is located on its left arm.
  • 8-tube Grenade Launcher
Two 8-tube grenade launchers are mounted on the back of the MW-Raid.
  • Beam Cannon
A chest-mounted high output beam cannon.


A number of MS-Raid and MW-Raid units were developed under the orders of Colonel Bais Bashing in the Project Raven development program. These were produced secretly in a factory hidden inside the ruins of Angel Halo. These units were detested by the G-Saviour's pilot Reed Fox, who viewed them as soulless killing machines.

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