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The CAMS-05 Black Mack is a mobile suit first appeared in G-Laboratory Ippei Gyoubu Design Works (Gundam Reconguista MSV).

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The CAMS-05 Black Mack nickname "Moonlight Wolf" is a Capital Army variable mobile suit model developed from the CAMS-05 Mack Knife. The Black Mack is painted in a dark color scheme to help infiltrate areas with high Photon Battery output allowing it to install or fire its photon bombs. Impacting larger attacks on battleships and military facilities. It still retains the same transformation system as the Mack Knife. It is intended to reduce the chance of being struck by reducing the projected surface area, allowing the Black Mack to evade enemy fire while in Flight mode and using melee combat in MS mode to bring down enemy mobile suits. Two CAMS-02 Catsith shields with Wolf insignia are attached to the back of the booster, each shield carries two Anti-ship Photon Bombs. The additional firepower and defense strengthened the Black Mack for assault operations but the added weaponry caused a loss of mobility.


  • Beam Vulcan
  • Photon Bomb
  • Plasma Claw
  • Beam Rifle
The CAMS-05 Black Mack is equipped with CAMS-04 Wuxia's Beam Rifle with a beam bayonet attached underneath.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Booster


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