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Butsham (バタシャム?) is a character from the Mobile Suit Gundam anime series.


Mobile Suit Gundam

He was one of the two MS-09R Rick Dom pilots, under the command of Char Aznable. He and his unnamed partner were ordered to serve as a backup for Lalah Sune, who was attacking a Federation Fleet as a part of her practice. But, Butsham and his partner refused to attack the Fleet, due to not wanting to in danger themselves. Later, he and his partner were reprimanded by Char Aznable for they're insubordination. When asked as to why they didn't follow they're orders, Butsham replied that, they didn't want to risk they're lives, because common soldiers such as themselves had little use, referring to Lalah's Newtype abilities. Char thought that he said it out of jealousy, Butsham confirmed that it was so. He also had agreed for being court marshalled, but he had a favor to ask from Char, to fight behind the Elmeth. Char asked what Lalah thought of it. She agreed and so did Char. It's unknown what happened to Butsham after that, but, later on in the same episode that he appeared in, The Gundam was seen destroying one of Char's Rick Doms, which creates a possibility that it could have been Butsham or his Unnamed Partner.


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