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Build Fighters, commonly abbreviated as BF, is the fictional timeline of the anime television series Gundam Build Fighters and its related projects.


Build Fighters takes place in a world much like the modern era, a few decades into the future. Technologically speaking, the main differences are more advanced holographic technology, and the presence of Plavsky Particles and related technologies such as the Gunpla Battle system.

Unlike most other Gundam timelines, the world of Build Fighters is almost entirely peaceful, with no major conflicts mentioned. The only Mobile Weapons are the real-life Gunpla models, based of the previous Gundam series, which all exist as fiction in this world.

The Build Fighters Timeline is one of the few timelines to date to include two separate dimensions; the main Build Fighters universe, and the universe containing the country of Arian. Not much information of Arian's world is shown, other than it does contain space colonies like most other lines in the Gundam saga.

Unlike other Gundam timelines, no exact dates are given for events.

"Gundam Valhalla"

One feature of the timeline (and Build Fighters anime) is the large number of cameos and background appearances by people resembling characters from other Gundam series'/timelines, with one, Mr. Ral, even having a major role in the series. This has led to the meme among the fanbase that the Build Fighters universe is a kind of Heaven where people from the more serious series that had tragic lives and/or deaths can live a peaceful and happy life. According to a Twitter post from Minami Fujii, Mao Yasaka's voice actress, director Kenji Nagasaki has actually stated as such.

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