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Build Fighter (ビルド・ファイター?) is the twenty-third episode of Gundam Build Fighters Try. It first aired in Japan on March 18, 2015.


The teams advancing to the final round of the Gunpla Battle Japanese Under-19 Championship are the Try Fighters, who have narrowly defeated Minato Sakai's team Build Busters, and Celestial Sphere from the private Gunpla Academy. In anticipation of the final match, which will be held two days later, both teams begin repairing the damage their machines suffered in the semifinals. Along the way, the Try Fighters hold a briefing at Mr. Ral's suggestion. He has received detailed data, including records of the Gunpla Academy's last battle, from Niigata's Toritsu Academy, which the Try Fighters faced in the second round of the tournament. After seeing this, Yuuma begins to fret, even as he continues repairing his Gunpla. Simply restoring it, he feels, won't close the gap between them and the Gunpla Academy. With this conviction, Yuuma gathers his resolve and decides to give all their machines a full remodel in the short time before the final round.[1]




Mobile Weapons


  • Sekai makes a reference to the title of the show when he has his soliloquy.
  • Shia mentions the name of the title in a similar manner of After War Gundam X, where every title of each episode is taken from a line in the respective episode.
  • When China Kousaka calls for Sei, four tea cups can be seen on the table.
  • Junya refuses to get into Akira's car because he is a bad driver, a gag continued from episode 20, Unbreakable Heart.


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