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The Bugu II is a mobile suit from the G-Saviour video game.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A successor to the CCMS-03 Bugu, it was developed as the next mainstay mobile suit of CONSENT. It has enhanced shoulder armor and a waist-mounted high mobility unit for hovering. It is designed with emphasis on reliability and productivity and is equipped with a beam saber and beam rifle. The unit piloted by Richard Rite has higher performance than that of a standard Bugu II, and has an extended hovering time.


  • Beam Saber
  • Beam Rifle


It is deployed by the notorious "Gremly Sheep" forces led by CONSENT hardliner Bais Bashing. An enhanced commander version is piloted by Gremly Sheep vice-captain Major Richard Rite. Richard, who had previously only lost to Rysis in battle, was defeated by Reed Fox and his G3-Saviour. A squadron of late production type Bugu IIs were deployed by the Congressional Armed Forces at the dropped space colony, where the final battle against the Gremly Sheep took place.


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