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The Bug is an automated bit from the Mobile Suit Gundam F91 film.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Being one of the most insidious weapons ever conceived, the Bug was created for one sole purpose: to enter a space colony and wipe out its human population, while leaving the structures within the colony mostly intact.

To accomplish this, the Bug was armed with 24 high-speed scissors for cutting through obstacles on it's mission, as well as 24 laser torches. Each Bug is also capable of deploying three "Child Bugs", which are used to infiltrate close quarters like buildings as a more efficient method of seeking out a colony's inhabitants.

In order to find out where the inhabitants are located, they have sound and motion sensors to home in on their targets.

While created to slaughter humans in the colonies, they are also effective against mobile suits, as they can in large numbers often overwhelm a single mobile suit.


  • High-speed Scissors
  • Laser Torch
  • Child Bug
  • Slash Blade
  • Stun Grenade


They were secretly installed on a Zamouth Garr-class ship and used on Frontier I Colony inhabitants in March, UC 0123. Gillet Krueger claims the Bug units have the ability to "exterminate a Frontier population of 3,000,000 within two to three days."


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