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Technology & Combat Characteristics

A completely redesigned unit with correct thruster placement, drastically enhanced armor, and an entirely different look. The Production Bromb Texter features armor derived from the Gids Geese "Solid Armor", amazing mobility thanks to corrected alignments and a Minovsky Craft System, and capable firepower from a pair of shield-mounted funnels, as well as a beam rifle. To compete with GGA's atmospheric re-entry ability, Bromb Texter is capable of docking with a re-entry flying-wing unit, much like ReGZ's Back Weapon System(in the audio drama, there is only one model of Bromb Texter, and it is transformable like GGA).



  • Bromb Texter Pre-Production Type "Zero": New information concurs that Type Zero is a test type which still has many problems, and was never meant to see combat. I can manage, but requires heavy attention to maneuvering because the thruster and vernier placement/alignment are all wrong.
  • Bromb Texter Improved Type: Erroneously claimed to be an improvement on the Type Zero, it seems that Improved Type is truly an improved Production Type after all.
  • Improvements include:
    • Dual Ø-cycle Minovsky Reactors
    • "Crosswise Set" Megaparticle Cannon(I'm under the impression this is a waist mounted cannon much like Sazabi's)
    • Improved Minovsky Craft Unit
    • Strengthened Leg Actuators
    • Redesigned Shields with Funnel Catapults(and 6 additional Funnels)
    • Sand Barrels
    • Universal Drive Unit: This is a Minovsky Craft-based Drive Unit that extends the range and mobility of Bromb Texter Production and Improved Types
    • Interdict Board: Bromb Texter Production and Improved Types can use this unit to re-enter the earth's atmosphere, much like a waverider mode.
  • Bromb Texter Production Type:
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