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Bring Stabity (ブリング・スタビティ Buringu Sutabiti?) is a fictional character of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. He is a member of the Innovades that call themselves the Innovators in Season 2, and pilots the GNZ-005 Garazzo. He also appears in the manga side story, Mobile Suit Gundam 00F, and pilots the GNY-004B Gundam Plutone Black.

Personality & Character

An Innovade based on the DNA base sequence pattern 0666 type, Bring was created with an emphasis on combat capabilities. However, despite his excellent combat skills, he has a certain dislike of fighting and prefers not to participate in unnecessary battles. He is also taciturn, only engaging in minimal conversation, and does not express his emotions very much. As a member of the A-Laws, he was granted a license by A-Laws' HQ that allowed him to act independently, free from the command structure. As a result, he became a one-man army and was also known as a 'License Holder'.


A.D. 2311/Mobile Suit Gundam 00F

Under orders from Ribbons Almark, Bring Stabity headed out in the GNY-004B Gundam Plutone Black and contacted the rogue Gundam Meister, Fon Spaak. He then assisted in Fon's plot to drop asteroids on major military bases on Earth, using the Gundam Plutone Black to hold back the GNY-002F Gundam Sadalsuud Type F piloted by Gundam Meister Hixar Fermi, who wanted to stop Fon. Although the Plutone Black was destroyed by the Sadalsuud Type F, Bring escaped in the mobile suit's core fighter.

Bring was then shocked to learn that he was being played by Fon, who had no intention of dropping the asteroids, instead Fon's aim was to detonate the asteroids and used the debris to block the sunlight, disabling the solar power generation system and creating a massive blackout. Observing the reactions to the blackout, Fon discovered that the remaining electrical supply was mainly provided to a facility on the dark side of the moon, which he deduced to be the location of the quantum processing system, Veda, seized by the Innovators. Near the facility, Bring reappeared in another Plutone Black, and together with other mobile suits, fought Fon's GNY-001F2 Gundam Astraea Type F2. Bring's Plutone Black became the last machine standing in Fon's way, as the latter easily defeated the other mobile suits using Trans-Am.

Bring had formulated a tactic to defeat the Astraea Type F2 in Trans-Am, but his plan failed as he did not know that the Astraea Type F2 had a system that can reflect or bend the enemy's beam attacks away. Bring's second Plutone Black was destroyed and he escaped again using the core fighter. Despite Bring's failure, Fon only found a non-operational Veda terminal as Ribbons had moved the functions to a spare terminal elsewhere. The massive blackout created by Fon was labelled a terrorist attack, leading to the creation of A-Laws, and Bring could be said to have played a role in creating the organization as well.

A.D. 2312/Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Season 1 epilogue

As the Earth Sphere Federation Forces was being officially established in A.D. 2312, Bring was one of the figures behind Ribbons Almark who told his fellow Innovators that they would be witnessing the future of humanity.

Season 2


Using the boosters-equipped GNZ-005 Garazzo, Bring approached the reborn Celestial Being's CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2 at high speed. When the GN-0000 00 Gundam was deployed to intercept Bring, he detached the Garazzo's boosters and headed straight for the Gundam. With the Garazzo's maneuverability, Bring easily dodged several shots from the 00 Gundam's GN Sword IIs and then deployed his mobile suit's GN Field to block further shots. After that, Bring shot at the 00 using the GN Vulcan on Garazzo's left forearm, and subsequently charged at the Gundam using the GN Beam Claw on Garazzo's right hand.

When the GN Beam Claw was blocked by one of 00's GN Sword IIs, Bring converged the claw's individual beam blades into a single, large beam saber that quickly sliced apart the GN Sword II. Bring's Garazzo then evaded another sword strike from the 00, and counter attacked with a kick to its torso. As Bring/Garazzo approached the 00 with the GN Beam Claw, they were interrupted by beam shots from the GN-006 Cherudim Gundam. Bring/Garazzo eventually retreated when the Ptolemaios 2 joined in on the attack. The Celestial Being's tactical forecaster later concluded that Bring's brief attack was a check and a warning. Bring later meets fellow Innovator Revive Revival in an A-Laws base and tells him that the satellite weapon Memento Mori is being activated, which surprises Revive.

Assault in Lagrange 3

Following the A-Laws' discovery that Celestial Being had a hideout in the Lagrange 3's asteroid field, Bring and Revive launched in the Garazzo and GNZ-003 Gadessa respectively to find the hideout's exact location. Using his telepathic link to Innovator spy and sleeper agent Anew Returner, Revive quickly found the hideout and the pair informed the A-Laws' fleet. In the ensuing battle, Bring's Garazzo was initially camouflaged as an asteroid. When the GN-008 Seravee Gundam fired at the asteroid to destroy the A-Laws' mobile suits behind it, Bring disabled the camouflage and used the Garazzo's GN Field to deflect the shot. Bring's Garazzo then closed in on the Seravee, and delivered a kick to its torso.

Evading several shots from Seravee, the Garazzo grabbed onto the enemy Gundam's hands and they engaged in a contest of physical strength. As the Garazzo overpowered the Seravee, the latter fired its GN Cannons at close range, forcing Bring to pull back. Subsequently, Bring's Garazzo fought against the GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser that was in Trans-Am mode. Bring tried to stop 00 Raiser's advance with the large saber form of the right GN Beam Claw, but the enemy machine proved to be more powerful. After breaking off from the 00 Raiser, Bring fired the GN Vulcan on Garazzo's left forearm at it, but the shots were easily dodged by the enemy.

The 00 Raiser fired back using one of its GN Sword IIs, damaging the protective mask covering the Garazzo's eyes. In the Garazzo's cockpit, Bring immediately fiddled with the controls to get back the visual feed, and he succeeded just as the 00 Raiser closed in for a strike. While Bring successfully blocked the attack with the right GN Beam Claw's large saber form, the 00 Raiser managed to pushed the Garazzo away and kicked it backwards. The defenseless Garazzo was then shot multiples times, but Bring was able to escape in the Core Fighter before his mobile suit explodes.

Ambushing the Ptolemaios 2

Moments after the Celestial Being destroyed the Memento Mori, the Innovators, consisting of Bring in a replacement Garazzo, Revive/Gadessa, and Divine Nova/GNMA-Y0001 Empruss, ambushed the Ptolemaios 2 team. With the Ptolemaios 2 team exhausting all their GN Particles in the attack on the satellite weapon, they had difficulties fending off the three Innovators and their machines, which dealt a number of damages to the ship. However, the Innovators failed to sink the ship, as the clever tactics of the enemy's tactical forecaster enabled it to escape to Earth.

Last Battle

After the Innovators located the Ptolemaios 2 team on Earth, Bring/Garazzo and Revive/Gadessa were sent to attack them from two different directions. Revive/Gadessa was intercepted by the GN-007+GNR-101A Archer Arios, while Bring/Garazzo fought Seravee. Bring fired both of the Garazzo's GN Vulcans, but the shots were blocked by Seravee's GN Field. Bring then attacked with both GN Beam Claws and sliced apart the enemy's GN Bazooka IIs. As he followed up by swinging the left GN Beam Claw down at Seravee, he tried to convince Seravee's pilot, Tieria Erde, an Innovade, to work with the Innovators, but Tieria refused and blocked his attack with the Seravee's GN Beam Saber. Evading another round of shots from Seravee, the Garazzo kicked at the Gundam, causing it to crash onto the ground.

As the battle reached its climax, Bring converged the left GN Beam Claw into a large saber and charged. To his surprise, Seravee dropped its GN Field, allowing its entire right arm to be severed. While Bring wondered what was going on, the Seravee caught hold of the Garazzo and activated Trans-Am. Bring responded by activating the left GN Beam Claw, but before he could bring the weapon down, Seravee's backpack detached and transformed into the GN-009 Seraphim Gundam. Bring immediately deployed the Garazzo's GN Field, but Seraphim forcefully pushed its arms through the barrier. Bring told Tieria he was killing his own kind, but the latter replied that he was a human being. The helpless Bring/Garazzo was then destroyed by Seraphim's arm-mounted GN Cannons. Revive retreated following Bring's death. Elsewhere, Ribbons also sensed Bring's death and gritted his teeth in anger while muttering Tieria's name.




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