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Bright New Star! The Birth of the God Gundam is the twenty-fourth episode of Mobile Fighter G Gundam.


The four members of the Shuffle Alliance reach Neo Hong Kong for the finals, however Domon is not there. Still trapped in the Guyana Highlands, he spots a Neo Japan capsule containing the God Gundam. Attacked by the Master Gundam, he sacrifices the Shining Gundam to reach the capsule. However the combat data from the Shining Gundam is required for it to move. Using an experimental device, Rain is able to take control of the Shining Gundam and transfer the data manually. On his way to Neo Hong Kong, he is attacked by four unidentified Mobile Fighters. This slows him down, with Domon barely making it in time.



  • TV Asahi: 1994-09-30
  • Cartoon Network (Toonami): 2002-09-12
  • GundamInfo: 2021-12-17 21:15 JST [1]

Important Events

Characters Introduced:

Mecha Introduced: God Gundam, Cobra Gundam (briefly), Zebra Gundam (briefly)

Domon pilots the God Gundam for the first time, thus marking the last time Domon uses the Shining Gundam.

Featured Gundam Fights

Shining Gundam vs. Master Gundam

  • Winner: Master Gundam

God Gundam vs. Master Gundam

  • Winner: God Gundam