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Breakthrough! Warriors Strong Ties is the twenty-second episode of Mobile Fighter G Gundam.


Being attacked by several Gundam Heads the Shuffle Alliance and crew retreat. The Shuffle Alliance members decide to fight the Death Army in order to give Rain and Domon time to fix the Shining Gundam which was heavily damaged by Master Asia. Schwarz Bruder has a plan, and takes a signal flare and places it into a river. He then disappears. The Death Army attacks and is repelled by the Shuffle Alliance. After some time Master Asia decides he should make a personal appearance, so he heads into the battle with his Master Gundam. He notices the flare Schwarz put in the river and destroys it. Schwarz sees this and attacks the waterfall. The resulting gush of water drowns the Death Army, as they are not amphibious. This gives the Shuffle Alliance time to escape. Domon decides to stay back and confront Master Asia, and he entrusts Rain to the Neo Russia support crew.



  • TV Asahi: 1994-09-16
  • Cartoon Network (Toonami): 2002-09-10
  • GundamInfo: 2021-12-17 21:15 JST [1]

Important Events

  • Everyone on Guyana Highlands set up traps to use against the Death Army.
  • Domon and Rain repair Shining Gundam.
  • Domon finally confronts Master Asia, as the Shuffle Alliance, Rain, Schwarz, and the Neo Russia support crew left Guyana Highlands.

Featured Gundam Fights

Gundam Spiegel, Gundam Maxter, Dragon Gundam, Gundam Rose and Bolt Gundam vs. Death Army

  • Winner: Gundam Spiegel, Gundam Maxter, Dragon Gundam, Gundam Rose and Bolt Gundam