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Boraskyniv (ボラスキニフ?) is a minor character from the Mobile Suit Gundam television series. He is the only shown pilot of the MSM-10 Zock.


Boraskyniv is a Principality of Zeon soldier and mobile suit pilot. After landing on Jaburo, Char Aznable notices that Li Hwan and Jittal have been shot down by Jaburo's defenses. Realizing that he cannot go it alone, Char decides to join up with the advance force, comprised of a MSM-10 Zock (Boraskyniv), and two MSM-03 Goggs. Char and asks Boraskyniv how things are proceeding, to which Boraskyniv replies that they have finished setting up all the explosives, and suggests that Char and the advance force break in from the front. Char asks for other entrances, Boraskyniv then informs Char of the entrance to Jaburo that he found much earlier. Char states that they will attack both at the same time. Char orders the rest of the advance squad to attack the entrance very close ahead while Char and Boraskyniv attack the entrance he discovered.

During the operation, Char encounters Amuro Ray in the RX-78-2 Gundam and engages it in combat. After Char's main camera is damaged, he retreats and calls Boraskyniv for backup. Boraskyniv, in his Zock, rises out of the water and attacks the Gundam, first with the Zock's chest-mounted mega particle cannons and then with its head-mounted Photon Maser Gun. The Gundam, however, easily dodged both and landed behind the Zock. Amuro tells Boraskyniv to stay back and that the fight between Char and Amuro does not involve him, but Boraskyniv ignored him. Amuro proceeded to shoot the Zock's cockpit, destroying it and killing Boraskyniv.


  • "I found it. Over here is the main entrance to Jaburo. If I hadn't got a metallic reaction, I'm positive I would've missed it. It's very well hidden."
  • "There's no way they could try to launch an attack around this area. They've gotta be intellingent enough to know they gave away their camouflage."



  • Boraskyniv does not appear in the Mobile Suit Gundam compilation movies, because Yoshiyuki Tomino thought they he wasn't "major enough".
  • Boraskyniv appears in the video game Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs Zeon in a Very Hard mission that takes place in the stage, "Inside Jaburo". Within this context he dies quickly, often killed by the Amuro AI noticeable only by the words "Boraskyniv Defeated" in the lower left of the screen. Because of the speed at which this occurs, he and Sleggar Law are among the hardest characters to save.
  • Boraskyniv's resemblance to Garma Zabi is referenced in the video game Mobile Suit Gundam: Journey to Jaburo, where a shocked Char Aznable asks if he is Garma.

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