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Bone Abust (ボーン・アブスト) is a character from Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. He is an officer in the European Army of the Principality of Zeon.


Abust was assigned by Yuri Kellerne to fly a crippled ACA-01 Gaw filled with Zeon solders from Odessa all the way back to Ginias' base. While in flight, he encountered the 08th Mobile Suit Team dropping from Medea transports. Their leader, Shiro Amada, held Abust at gunpoint in the Ez8 and told him to stop firing. Abust had no choice and Shiro let him go.

He later rendezvoused with Yuri and convinced him to let him borrow some HT-01B Magella Attack Tanks to stall and make time for the rest of the men to retreat into Ginias' base. He and two other soldiers (Lunen and Barry) set off in the tanks to confront the 08th MS team. He and the others encountered Sanders and Shiro, they had a skirmish and the other two tanks retreated to the base while Abust stayed to play "mind games" with Shiro. Shiro then destroyed Abust's tank. Abust however took flight just in time to escape alive. Abust then met up with Yuri and went to enter the base when suddenly Ginias killed all of them with a bomb.


Notes & Trivia

  • Bone Abust's military rank was never formally confirmed in The 08th MS Team. Official sources state that he was only an officer from Zeon Armed Force's European Section.[1]. Contrary to popular belief that Abust is a Captain / Lieutenant, the design and decoration on his uniform indicates that he hold the rank of Lieutenant Colonel / Commander.
  • The English dub pronounced his name close to "Bjorn".


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