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The Black Knight Banshee(黒騎士バンシィ,Kuro Kishi Banshii) is a mobile suit and a variant of the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee appearing in the New Testament SD Gundam Gaiden: Saddrac Knight Saga Carddass series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics


  • Magnum Sword
Black Knight Banshee gained this as standard equipment in Elemental Dragon Awakening. Like Knight Unicorn's, it has an Akashic Binder, which allows Banshee to use the magic "Call".

Special Features

  • Magic
Black Knight Banshee can use the card-summoning magic "Call". This allows him to summon people and equipment from any time.
  • Beast Mode
Like with Knight Unicorn Gundam, the form taken by Black Knight Banshee when his limiter is released.
  • Mytos Mode
A mode similar to Unicorn's Centaur Mode. It is said to resemble his original form as the lion Phantom Beast. When he uses this mode, Banshee becomes Black Knight Banshee Norn.


Black Knight Banshee, like Knight Unicorn Gundam, is the incarnation of one of the two beast spirits from the Garden of Wisdom's tapestry. after the worlds of Saddrac and Llion Cardzi were fused. The two knights were given the mission to transcend through time to address the world's problems caused by the fusion. However, such a role was said to be painful to the point where Black Knight Banshee couldn't take it.

Saddrac Knight Saga

Black Knight Banshee's first appearance in the series was in the same time stream as Knight Unicorn, who was heading to the future Britis kingdom. When Unicorn arrives in the kingdom, Banshee seemingly goes missing.

Two Princes

Banshee was the one who awoke Bronze Colossus Kshatriya in order to awaken Crown Blue Knight Gundam's abilities. After the prince awakens, he reveals that he plans to take down Britis Castle.

Tyrant of Darkness

Black Knight Banshee ambushes Knight Unicorn, who had opened a time tunnel to head back to Britis Castle, and steals the Magnum Sword. Using the time tunnel, he escapes to the castle and fights King Gundam III. After defeating King Gundam, Banshee summons a monster to suppress the remaining knights in the castle and causes the castle to fall almost instantly.[1] When Knight Unicorn Gundam arrives, Banshee sees him as a threat to obtaining his greatest desire, the Holy Grail, and begins to fight him. During the fight, it seemed as if Knight Unicorn would be defeated by Black Knight Banshee until New World Guardian Knight God Gundam appears to give him the Ex-Raker.[2] After the Magnum Sword was knocked out of Banshee's hand, he fled, apparently sensing that he would have no chance of winning.

Another Holy Grail

Black Knight Banshee confronts Crown Knight Freedom Gundam and Crown Knight Justice Gundam at Lost Mountain, where he plans to get Netherworld's Holy Grail. Before he could attack the princes, Knight Unicorn Gundam appears and engages him. During the fight, Banshee reveals that he wanted the Holy Grail in order to release himself from their role of keeping the world stable.[3] After the two princes leave with the Netherworld's Holy Grail, it is assumed that Black Knight Banshee retreated yet again.

Birth of the New King

Black Knight Banshee appears after the final battle to obtain the new Holy Grail, but is dismissed by Sunborn. Banshee collapses due to loss of strength, while Knight Unicorn reaches out to him.[4]

Saddrac Knight Saga EX

Elemental Dragon Awakening

Banshee attacks the Garden of Wisdom, causing the seals to be released on the Elemental Dragons. The Dragons caused chaos in various time periods, causing Knight Unicorn Gundam and Crown Knight Strike to go back in time and reseal them. However, that was part of Banshee's plan.[5] He reappears in the time after the events of Birth of the New King where he summons the dragons in order to get the Holy Grail. He supposedly vanishes after the Dragons go out of control and combine with each other.

Clash! Unicorn Knight VS Destiny Knight

Black Knight Banshee is seen at the end of the chapter standing on a castle wall. He secretly follows Unicorn on his training journey.

Phantom Beast Knight Over Time

Wanting to gain a greater power, Banshee follows Unicorn. Later, in the Megalanica Dungeon, the two cross paths and team up (Much to Knight Unicorn's suspicion).[6] When they encounter the Geara Zulu Brothers, Banshee easily defeats them, but is stopped when reaching Laplace's Box by the Shamblodon. The Shamblodon possesses Banshee and forces him into becoming the box's new guardian. Banshee is then transformed into Black Knight Banshee Norn and forced to fight Knight Unicorn to the death. The possession is broken after the Shamblodon is defeated by Unicorn. Afterwards, Banshee and Unicorn have a vision where Superior Dragon ZX congratulates Unicorn for his growth. Afterwards, it is implied that Banshee stays behind in Industrial Seven Village.



  • When Black Knight Banshee used Knight Unicorn's Magnum Sword in Tyrant of Darkness, its appearance changed to resemble that of the Banshee's Beam Magnum.


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