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Bit Mobile Suits are a type of Mobile Weapon created in the series After War Gundam X.

Technical Informations

Bit mobile suits are unmanned mobile suits that are specifically designed to be controlled by the mind of a Newtype. For this to happen, the Newtype has to use the Flash System built into another Mobile Suit which is piloted by the Newtype. The pilot can then manipulate the bit mobile suits through his mind alone. This allows one person to attack enemies with several mobile suits at once.

All mobile bits that appeared so far were modeled after their main unit, not only in their outward appearance but also in their armament.


The bit mobile suits were created by the United Nations Earth to be used by the Newtype pilots of their Gundam series of mobile suits. Each Gundam was equipped with the Flash System and had its own type of bit mobile suits that were modeled after the main unit in terms of weaponry, speed, and armor. Most of the bit mobile suits were destroyed at the end of the 7th Space War but at least one set of GX-Bits survived the war at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in an area which became known as the Sea of Lorelei. These mobile bits were part of a secret UNE project called Operation L and in AW 0015 were salvaged by the New United Nations Earth. However the crew of the Vulture ship Freeden tried to prevent this from happening. During a battle against the forces of the New UNE, Freeden captain and former Newtype Jamil Neate was able to control of the mobile bits (with the help of his old friend Lucille Liliant) and used them to destroy a part of the UNE armada. Afterwards he destroyed them so that they wouldn't fall into the wrong hands.

This however didn't stop the New UNE military to develop a new set of bit mobile suits, this time connected to the NRX-016 Rasveht. These new mobile bits looked the same as the main unit, making it hard for the enemy to determine which suit held the actual pilot. The Rasveht was later piloted by potential Newtype Abel Bauer and sent against the Freeden and its mobile suits. During the battle Bauer's Newtype powers awakened, allowing him to use the bit mobile suits of the Rasveht. With them he nearly defeated the Gundams of the Freeden but the crew was able to destroy some of them and after Garrod Ran critically damaged the real Rasveht, the Rasveht bits deactivated.

Bit Mobile Suits

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