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Biscuit Griffon (ビスケット・グリフォン Bisuketto Gurifon?) is a character that appears in Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS.

Personality & Character

Biscuit has a gentle personality and enjoys reading. He is also very mature for his age. [1]

Skills & Abilities

He is the only one among the boy soldiers of the CGS, who have been engaged in severe missions and have not received proper education, to have had schooling, and is able to read and write among the Tekkadan, whose literacy rate is low.[2] In the Counselor Program, he supports Orga, the captain, as his chief of staff, and is well versed in the affairs of the world.

Like the other orphans employed by the CGS, Biscuit has the Alaya-Vijnana implemented into his body, and even though he doesn't pilot a mobile suit, he has displayed adept skill in operating a mobile worker in harsh terrains.


Biscuit was born in the working class of Dort 2, an industrial colony in the Earth sphere, but after losing his parents in an accident, he moved to "Sakura Farm" run by his grandmother, Sakura Pretzel, together with his twin sisters Cookie and Cracker, who are younger than him. However, the crops grown on the farm are sold cheaply as raw materials for biofuel, so he volunteered to join CGS to support the family's finances.[1]

During a trip to deliver Kudelia Aina Bernstein to Earth as a member of the Tekkadan, he visits his hometown at the request of Teiwaz and is reunited with his brother Savarin, who has become an executive at the Dort Company. He is angry at him for having Atra Mixta, who had been working with him, sent to Gjallarhorn in place of Kudelia, and while expressing his gratitude to Savarin for his support, he tells him that he will live his life as a member of the Tekkadan and breaks off his relationship with him.

After being informed about Savarin's death, he had a fallout with Orga (who is unaware of Biscuit's brother death at the time) due to his notion to stay on Earth and continue fighting, while Biscuit was against this because it would put every member of Tekkadan at risk, and he didn't want to consider the possibility of losing anyone close to him again. Later, after talking with Nadi Yukinojo Kassapa, he cooled down and decided to talk with Orga once again, but Gjallarhorn approached them and promised to discuss the future of Orga and the group.

Biscuit is severely injured by Carta Issue, while piloting a mobile worker with Orga, he throws him off the vehicle just in time to save him, while the machine is cut in a half by Carta's Graze Ritter. With half his body trapped under the crushed wreckage, he desperately tries to crawl out, saying how he can't die yet as he needs to get back to Mars and send his sisters to school and build up Tekkadan, but he doesn't survive the injuries and dies in front of Orga.[3]

After his death, assurances were made to the bereaved family, Sakura Farm formed a business partnership with the Tekkadan, and his sisters were able to enroll in a boarding school in Chryse, but the emotional trauma of his death still remains.


Orga Itsuka

He is childhood friends with Orga and serves him like a staff officer. When Orga wants to make a strategic decision, he discusses it with Biscuit first. Additionally, Orga mentioned that every since they were little and whenever he proposed something reckless, Biscuit never defied him at all. Biscuit argued that he did, just that Orga wouldn't listen. [1]

Naze Turbine

Naze once called him "Roundy".[4]

Notes & Trivia

  • The original air date of the episode that depicted his death coincided with Japan's "National Biscuit Day".
  • Biscuit and his family members' names are all related to baked food items such as: a biscuitpretzelsavarin cake and canelé.
  • His Japanese voice actor, Natsuki Hanae, also voiced Inaho Kaizuka from Aldnoah.Zero.


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