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Birmingham-class battleship
Birmingham0083 Birmingham-class battleship
Overview EarthFederationFlag
Class type:Battleship
Class namesake:Birmingham
Launched:Before Universal Century 0083
Preceded by:Magellan-class battleship
Succeeded by:Irish-class battleship
Ships of the line:Birmingham
General Characteristics
Displacement:88,500 tons
Length:398 meters
Width:171 meters
Height:129 meters
Armament:5x 2-barrel main gun
2x 1-barrel main gun
12x Anti-Aircraft/Anti-Mobile Suit laser turret
4x missile launcher
MS Hangers:None
MS Capacity:N/A
Powerplant:Minovsky-Ionesco Fusion Reactor

In the Universal Century timeline of Mobile Suit Gundam, at the end of the One Year War, the Earth Federation began a rebuilding program aimed at putting people to work to get the Federation's armed services back into shape. One of the new vessels to emerge during this time of rebuilding was the Federation's Birmingham-class battleship.

The Birmingham was designed to be the flagship of the Earth Federal Space Force, so it was sailed around a lot to display the power of the Earth Federation in the postwar years. Interestingly, while constructed after the One Year War Birmingham had five two-barrel main beam turrets, missile launchers, and several anti-aircraft weapons; however, Federation engineers did not include Mobile Suit hangars.

Birmingham was the flagship of Admiral Green Wyatt, the supreme commander of the Earth Federal Space Force, and was involved in one noteworthy battleaction: On 8 November UC 0083 Admiral Wyatt and Birmingham rendevouzed with Cima Garahau, a Delaz defector who was to supply Wyatt with information pertaining to Admiral Delaz's fleet and the nature of Operation Stardust. Unfortunatly, while the two were meeting the Pegasus-class assault carrier Albion inadvertently wondered into the drop zone. Unaware of the secret meeting between Wyatt and Cima Albion's Commanding Officer, Captain Eipher Synapse, order Albion to launch her MS to defend Birmingham. To support the illusion that Albion was protecting Birmingham Admiral Wyatt had Birmingham fire a broadside of her large beam turrets. The broadside missed Cima's flagship and struck one of her Musai-class cruisers, and in the confusion created from the explosion Cima made her escape.

On 10 November UC 0083 Birmingham was sailed to the Federation's naval review. Admiral Wyatt and several other high ranking Federation officials arranged the review in order to visually inspect the navy and show off the power of the Earth Federal Space Force. In the middle of the review the Delaz Fleet mounted a surprise nuclear attack against the Federation's fleet using the nuclear-equipped RX-78GP02A Gundam Physalis, which had been stolen earlier by Anavel Gato. The blast was centered on the Birmingham, and destroyed Birmingham and 2/3rds of the participating space vessels in the Federation fleet. After Operation Stardust ended the Federation ceased building battleships that could not carry Mobile Suits and created the counter-insurgency group known as the Titans.

Interestingly enough, Bask Om's command ship, the Dogosse Giar (from Zeta Gundam), had a passing resemblence to the Birmingham, and unfortunately shared the Birmingham's fate when a competing Titans officer sunk the ship.

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