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Bianca Carlyle (ビアンカ・カーライル?) is a character from the Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt manga and its ONA adaptation.

Personality & Character

Bianca has the ability to lead and get along well with her comrades, as shown when she forms the Trust Squad together with Io Fleming, MarcusOrphe and Dent. She enjoys playing the keyboard, and uses a foldable piano in her RX-77AQ Guncannon Aqua in the manga. She has a taste for Jazz music, which she shares with Io. Sonya describes her as a "natural leader" in the manga. 

Skills & Abilities

A war veteran, she has participated in many battles, including Loum and A Baoa Qu where she piloted a RB-79 Ball and a RGM-79 GM respectively. As the pilot of the Guncannon Aqua, she shows exceptional skill in aquatic combat, when she took on a MSM-03 Gogg in close combat. 


Bianca's family lineage is unknown, but she participated in major battles such as Loum and A Baoa Qu. She lost her boyfriend to the One Year War.

During the battle of A Baoa Qu, Bianca piloted a RGM-79 GM. Caught by a MA-05 Bigro moving at high speed, Bianca managed to use her two shields to protect herself from her captor's Mega Particle Cannon. She then detached her mobile suit's large backpack, freeing her machine to strike the Bigro with a Beam Saber at close range as the enemy prepared to fire again. Bianca successfully destroyed the enemy, claiming her eighth kill.

In U.C. 0080, she is assigned to the Spartan, where she meets Cornelius KaKa and noted he served with the Moore Brotherhood in the Thunderbolt Sector.

During the Spartan's descent to Earth, Bianca recklessly released herself from her seat to view the planet from above. Around this time, a Komusai followed the Spartan in a kamikaze attack. The enemy craft was soon destroyed by the RX-78AL Atlas Gundam deployed from a Federation aerial convoy the Spartan was meeting in Australia.


Io Fleming

Bianca has a friendly relationship with Io. Although they can find each other quite annoying, they have the same love for music, and support each other in battles. Bianca also comforts Io when he gets thrown into the brig for misconduct. It is quite possible that Bianca shows affection towards Io - she kisses him on the lips to calm him down before the Spartan's assault on Taal volcano in the manga.



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