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Bellri Zenam (ベルリ・ゼナム Beruri Zenamu?) is one of the protagonists of the Gundam Reconguista in G television series.

Personality & Character

Bellri is a cunning, smug and cheerful boy who grew up with a workaholic mother that was never around but doesn't resent her for it. He's not very idealistic and a bit naive but has good skills.

Skills & Abilities


He was Aida Surugan's biological brother and was adopted by Wilmit Zenam.

Afterward, he became a cadet at the Capital Guard Academy, a week following the capture of the YG-111 Gundam G-Self's pilot, Raraiya. He went up the Capital Tower as part of the 10-10th class as they begin their first practical Zero-G training, in Rectens. The Capital Tower is attacked by the G-Self (as a distraction to allow other pilots to steal photon batteries). But Bellri manages to hold it off. After Dellensen Samatar and Luin Lee come to his assistance they capture the G-Self and Aida, who was piloting it, not knowing that she is actually his sister.[1]




  • Bellri is Mark Ishii's debut role as a voice actor.
  • In the January 2015 issue of Newtype Magazine, Bellri was ranked the fourth best male character, surpassing record holder, Kira Yamato.[2]
  • In Super Robot Wars X, Bellri shows signs of being a Newtype, which is hinted at by both Amuro and Char. Both of them acknowledge that Bellri's way of thinking might be the best for the future. Further more Char also acknowledges that if he had joined Bellri first he would not of have to think badly about the Regild Century. Amuro on the other hand thinks that Bellri is proof that the future can change for the better.
  • Bellri Zenam is one of the main characters that doesn't make a voiced appearance in the Message from GUNDAM "BEYOND" PSA.
  • Bellri's relationship with Aida Surugan shares a resemblance to Kira Yamato and Cagalli Yula Attha's, as both characters were separated since they are young.


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