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Bell Wood is a character that appears in Superior Defender Gundam Force.


Doctor Bell Wood is a teenage prodigy and a member of the Super Dimensional Guard. Working in an unpopulated area outside of Neotopia, called Lab C, he constructs a dimensional transport device that the SDG hopes to use to mount a counter-attack on the Dark Axis. While working on the devise it comes under attack by the Dark Axis and malfunctions, teleporting Bakunetsumaru from a battle in Ark. The machine is destroyed in the battle between the Gundam Force and the Dark Axis.

While working to repair the dimensional transport device, Bell Wood takes a break to go off on his own under the protest of Bakunetsumaru. While having an argument with Baku, the pair discover that the Dark Axis has captured Grypapa and are going to use him to destroy Neotopia. Reluctantly he goes with Bakunetsumaru to save Grypapa and disarms the bomb. He returns to work on the dimensional transport devise following the battle.

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