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Belfast is a city in Northern Ireland. During the One Year War it became home to a large naval base maintained by the Earth Federation. Although never taken by the Zeon's, Belfast was raided numerous times and several buildings throughout the city were visibly damaged. Living on the outskirts of the city in an abandoned house was Miharu Ratokie, a Zeon spy who would send reports to Zeon about the base. After the success of Operation Odessa the White Base was ordered to dock at the city for repairs.

After learning about the White Bases whereabouts, submarine forces under the command of Char Aznable attacked the city. Although two prototype Gogg units managed to penetrate Belfast's defenses these units were later destroyed in the harbor by Amuro Ray and the RX-78-2 Gundam. Later the city was once again attacked, this time by MSM-07 Z'Goks but this attack was repelled as well. However the assault allowed Miharu Ratokie to sneak on board the White Base as it left port for Jaburo. After the White Base left the city, Belfast was thought to have avoided any further attacks during the war.

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