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Beecha Oleg (ビーチャ・オーレグ Bīcha Ōregu?) is the self-proclaimed leader of the gang consisting of him, Judau Ashta, Iino Abbav and Mondo Agake. He helped to find Yazan Gable.


A citizen of the space colony Shangri-La, Beecha Oleg originally worked alongside Judau Ashta as a junk dealer, but through a series of events,he becomes the pilot of Hyaku Shiki on the Argama. His unhappiness with military life and rivalry with Judau caused him to temporarily switch sides with Mondo Agake until the abuse they suffered from Gottn Goh and the other crew members of the Endra made both of them realize they were happier on the Argama. However, as the conflict continues, Beecha grows out of his childish ways. Assuming command of the Argama's successor battleship, the Nahel Argama, he even finds the courage to express his affection for long time love interest Elle Vianno. When Bright Noa is at La Vie en Rose as he cannot return to the ship for a while, he entrust the command of Nahel Argama to Beecha in order to train himself to become a Captain to succeed him as Captain of Nahel Argama in the future.


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