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Starting out a new adventure the Freeden heads to a point on the coast that Tiffa senses another Newtype, once there the crew decides to take a break from their long search and constant guard over the ship by having a small beach party. While the rest of the crew relaxes, Tiffa attempts to make contact with the Newtype by going out on a small boat on the ocean, and is promptly searched for by Garrod and Witz in their Gundams. The two pilots find Tiffa being chased by Orcs, a type of Vulture that operates on the Sea and behave like pirates. Not trained in undersea combat, Garrod is quickly over taken by the skilled mobile suit pilots of the Doza fleet, and only manages to escape thanks to the help of Witz and a pod of dolphins. After recovering his weapons lost during the underwater battle, Garrod finds Tiffa by the sea shore talking to the dolphins and discovers that the white dolphin is the one she sensed. As he watches Tiffa swim, be sees a microwave circuit extend from the moon to a point on the distant horizon... showing the Satellite System in use.

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