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Beautiful Fighter! Dangerous Allenby is the thirtieth episode of Mobile Fighter G Gundam.


Domon is set to face off against Allenby Beardsely, a female Gundam Fighter who defeated Argo in under a minute. He meets her in an arcade and fights her in a fighting simulator, ending in a tie after the machine breaks down. They become friends, and Rain becomes jealous of the friendship and thinks it's wrong for Gundam Fighters to be so close to each other. Running away from her crew, she arrives where Domon and the others are, having dinner with them. The fight begins the next day, and Domon and Allenby are having a great time until Allenby's crew decides to engage the Berserker System. This turns Allenby into a berserker, and this upsets Domon, who says he will not fight her in this state because it's not fun. Using his Erupting God Finger, Domon is able to help Allenby break free from the control of the system. Allenby decides to finish the fight, but collapses from exhaustion.

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