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Baz Galemson (バズ・ガレムソン) is a fictional character who appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam F91 Silhouette Formula manga series.


A high-ranking officer with the Earth Federation Forces and former superior of MS pilot Tokio Randall, information and details on his past are scarce. His personality has been described as brutal and vicious, and holds extreme contempt for Zeon loyalists. One of Baz Galemson's earliest exploits were recorded on U.C. 117, when he lead an MS squad into a space colony in Side 3's Zebra Zone area, where it was suspected that Zeon remnants were hiding out, and slaughtered almost all of its inhabitants (of these being Layla Lagiorr's parents). Shortly after, he served in India on August of U.C. 0118 as a leader of subjugation corps to suppress an anti-EFF insurrection by old Neo Zeon loyalists. He also lately commanded an Oldsmobile sweeping mercenary unit. Years later, On February 18 UC 0123, Baz Galemson would be involved in the testing of the first trial unit RX-99 Neo Gundam, once again in the Zebra Zone. However, he would be drawn into a three-way conflict between the Crossbone Vanguard's Dark Tiger Team, Neo Zeon remnants and the Earth Federation Space Force, where he would be killed in battle by Tokio Randall piloting the Neo Gundam unit 2.

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